Selena Gomez Hangs With JSYK!

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Super funny. Mad cute. Totally our new best friend. That's what we were thinking about Selena Gomez as we were chatting with her in NYC a few days before the premiere of Princess Protection Program tonight on the Disney Channel.

Just like a real princess, Selena got to go to a ball after the movie's premiere in Toronto last week. Well, it wasn't a ball, really. She and BFF, Demi Lovato crashed a random high school prom nearby (see them in their prom dresses here)!

Yes, people. Selena Gomez is that cool...

But for tonight's premiere, Selena will act more like her tomboy character, Carter Mason, in the movie and 'keep it real.' She plans to watch at home with family and friends in Dallas, Texas.

"I'm just gonna turn on the TV," Selena said. "I think it will just be me and my family. Some of my guy friends are in town so they might come over and watch it." Hmmm...we wonder which guy friends? "I don't really like watching myself anyway," the newly-bobbed beauty confessed. "Sometimes it's just a little weird."

Selena must be excited to watch at least one scene in the movie though, right? "The scene where my character and Demi's character first meet," Selena told us. "It's really funny how I had to pretend like I didn't know who this person was after knowing this person for almost 10 years now." In fact, whenever "Cut!" was yelled while filming the scene, Selena says she couldn't help but laugh. "I was like, I know who you are."

Click on 'Read more' to read about how Selena and Demi met on the set of Barney and Friends and see an old pic of them with Barney!

Yep, you read that right, she said 10 years. In case you didn't know, Selena and Demi met on the set of Barney and Friends like a bazillion years ago. Flash forward to today and Selena and Demi are tight as ever. The best friends each star in their own TV show now, Selena as Alex Russo on Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place and Demi as Sonny on Sonny With a Chance, but Selena is quick to point out how much the big purple dinosaur taught her about working on a TV show.

"I learned everything from Barney," Selena said. "I learned what a prop was, what a producer did, what camera right means, camera left...and I think the whole experience of it was a good learning thing for me and I really appreciated that show and I miss it very much."

One thing she probably doesn't miss from her Barney days - singing the same songs over and over. Which song does she remember most? "Probably the brushing my teeth song I had to sing," Selena said. "It was really funny. I probably sang that on three different episodes."

So there we were, just hangin' with Selena. It was awesome. We were just trying to remember every last word she said so we could tell you guys everything when suddenly Selena's "people" said it was time for her to go.

And before we could even say "Twitter us!", our hang-time with Selena was over. We watched as she pulled an Alex Russo and disappeared in a flash, heading for Manhattan's stylish Soho district for a day of shopping with her cousin. And boy does Selena deserve it. With three movies coming out (Princess Protection Program, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie and Ramona and Beezus), a third season of Wizards she starts taping in August AND a solo album due in September...she might not have to worry about watching herself during tonight's PPP premiere after all. We bet she'll fall asleep as soon as she hits the couch!


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