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Trying to get better at paintball? In the heat of battle it's easy to forget some of the basics. And that's why your game continues to suck. Just so you know, there are some fundamentals you might want to keep close so you and your teammates can knock off your opponents the next time you're out on the paintball course. Check out these Top Paintball Tips and strategies to bring your game to the next level.

Paintball Top Tips & Pics

Although paintball is a game of strategy, your strategy will not always work and your plan may change. The most important part of winning paintball comes down to teamwork and your overall awareness of the enemy. You must get past the opponent's defense while keeping your team as intact as possible. You can't do this alone because one person alone cannot attack an enemy base or guard your home-base flag; you must have team members doing things on the other side of the field that compliment your moves. Being aware of your surroundings is important in your plans and in how you out-think the opposing players. You have to know where your enemy is, and the faster the better, in order for you to attack them or defend against them. Paintball is a game where you are always thinking and always moving. Here are 20 solid tips you can use in paintball that can help you win:

1. Move: Moving as an individual or as a group is essential in paintball. You need to learn when to move, how to move, and you must keep moving all the time if possible. Move forward especially when your opponent doesn't see you. It's very important to not be afraid of moving up the field. If you're scared and hesitate to move forward, even under fire, you could set yourself up for the enemy to close in and shoot you. You must keep them off-balance and the only way to do that is moving towards them.

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2. Teamwork Wins: Some paintballers always want to be the big superstar hero of the battle and that can get them, and you, messed up. If you actually want to win more times than you lose, focus on working and moving together as a team. Really cool looking moves and crazy out-of-control rushes will only make you look stupid and get you shot down.

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3. Wear the proper clothes: you need to choose comfortable and breathable clothing. Knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves can protect you while crawling, but still let the player feel the ground and move around. Camouflage is great for paintball in the woods. In the rain, wear a cheap poncho (or a garbage bag) because everything is going to get filthy anyway - and paintballs tend to bounce off it ! Avoid cotton clothing. It wicks away water and sweat, and precious body heat with it, leaving the player shivering and miserable. Wear water repellent stuff, nylons, polypro, etc,. Also, cover your head (with a baseball cap or skullcap), otherwise water and mist drips down the hair and into the mask and can blind you during the match. Go paintballing when the temperature outside is perfect, between 50-75F is great, like what you'll find in Spring and Fall. if it's too cold (under 40F) or too hot (over 85F) you can really fog up your mask or overheat or both.

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4. Bring paper towels: On a rainy days, masks will eventually fog up - even the really expensive ones. That can be fixed with a quick wipe of a paper towel. But remember never remove your mask during the game. But if you have to clear your mask during the game, crouch behind a safe bunker and turn your back towards the action, and slip the paper towel under the mask and wipe up the fog without lifting the mask too much.

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5. Play fair. When you get hit and the paintball explodes on your clothes, you're out of the match/game/battle - period. There's nothing more annoying to paintballers than players who keep playing and shooting after they've been hit, or behind the judges' back. You won't become any better at paintball by cheating.

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6. Low crawl. Make a code-word for crawls so the enemy does not figure out what you're doing. When crawling behind bunkers or in heavy underbrush, position your body as low on the ground as possible. You can move with your toes, knees, and forearms and keep your weapon in one hand at the ready. Keeping your butt down low will save you from being hit. Even though the low crawl is the hardest and slowest, it can make the difference between being hit or getting into a position to pick off someone else.

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7. Get the right paintballs: As you know by now, paintball can be expensive, but when you have to buy paintballs to play the game, get paintballs that fit. If your paint is round and not warped, and fits into the barrel snugly, then your accuracy will be good.

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8. Scope Out the Battlefield: Walking around the field is not cheating, if you have time to do it. It's actually a smart idea. This will help you come up with the right strategy for attack or defense; know where the bunkers are, the angles, the holes, the trenches, the ditches and streams (if in the woods), etc. It will also give you an idea of where you can get hung up or hideout.

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9. Don't Give Up: A good team strategy will almost always win against superior fire power and greater numbers. Even if you're surrounded and you're getting shot at, try to stay alive because anything can happen. The enemy will have a tendency to get cocky when they smell blood and will want to move in for the kill, but that may cause them to take a risky "out in the open" move and that could be the moment you even the odds with a controlled and accurate shot. So keep playing hard even if you find yourself alone and never lose your motivation and you could find the tables turning quickly in your favor.

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10. Communicate: The more you and your teammates talk to each other during the battle the better you will do –whether it's shouting or using radios. Good communication will help you keep track of where on the field the opposing players are and it will help you coordinate attacks or defend. And even if the opponent you are trying to tag hears you, it's likely he doesn't know what you're going to do anyway. Paintball is not for individuals – it's a team sport.

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