Ashley Tisdale Turns 24 Today!

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Since Ashley Tisdale is celebrating her 24th birthday today, we thought we'd take a look at Ashley's red carpet looks over the years with some (rather harsh) fashion advice too. We do it with love, Ashely. We do it with love. Happy Birthday!

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2003: Hide 'n Go Change

It's very apparent that Ashley Tisdale wanted her bag to be the center of attention, and good thing it is, because that outfit is 'ug' to the 'lee.' This look wasn't Ashley's strongest, but we won't be too harsh (yeah right). Look how dark Ashley's hair was! We liked this more natural color, and the loose spiral curls were very pretty

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2003: Curtain Call

Message to all aspiring thespians, please don't wear clothes that resemble stage props like Ashley's skirt. It looked like stage curtains ... but uglier. Trust us, it's not going to help you get any acting gigs. Please make this skirt go away! Exit, stage left.

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2004: All Kinds of Awful

Oh my gosh, Ashley what were you thinking?!?! There is nothing pretty about this outfit. Plain and simple. What is the deal with that hairy safety patrol belt she's wearing?!? We hope that no pink rats were harmed during the making of that monstrosity. The only good news is, her right shoulder stayed warm during the event.

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2005: Doll Face

Ashley Tisdale must have been trying to get water out of her ear when this picture was taken. Why else would her head be so tilted? Hmm ... we swear that we've seen this outfit somewhere before too. Oh yeah, it was on our Barbie doll ... too bad it didn't stay there. Ashley's hair got a little makeover around this time. Notice the straight, blonder hair and blunt bangs.

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2005: Flaunt It

Finally, some progress! You gotta love the sleek, white pants, bright orange tank and huge, gold baubles -- at least we did! We're sensing that Ashley Tisdale was proud of her fancy bag, and as much as it cost, she should be. Ashley's hair was drastically changed to bleach blonde and you can tell she was getting a hang of her celebrity status by the way she was posing.

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2006: Opposites Attract

We loved the dress and we L.O.V.E.D. the shoes ... just not together. They didn't quite match, but she took a risk and that's what fashion's all about. Aside from the outfit, Ashley looked very friendly here. We think she was trying her best to make sure we didn't confuse her with her onscreen character, Sharpay.

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2006: Dreamy Dress

Ashley Tisdale looked like a goddess in this long, white dress. Her hair was perfect and her jewelry was simple. Finally, Ashley won us over! *insert applause*

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2007: Eye Sore

This pink, satin dress didn't sit well with us. And it has everything to do with the hue, because the shape of the dress is actually very flattering. If we ruled the world, we would make sure this color was only seen inside glass-enclosed gumball machines, not on clothes.

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2007: The Right Stuff

This is what Ashley Tisdale should be wearing every single day, even when she takes her pups out to potty (joking, of course). On the real, this dress looked great on Ashley! It was flattering and the color was a bit edgy. We like her so much more when she's not wearing pink. And, her hair looked hot in this high pony tail. She should totally do it more often.

Stages of Stardom: Ashley Tisdale

2007: Teal Next Time

Yes! We're finishing this Stages of Stardom on a high note -- which is perfect because Ashley IS a singer. Get it? LOL. We loved the babydoll style of the dress and the bright color was fantastic. Plus, her hair was styled well, which made her look so much more "en vogue." Oooh, and the flats were just yummy!


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