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The Jonas Brothers stopped by our offices today and gave us the scoop on their softball team The Road Dogs, how their tour is going, what items they can't live without when they're on the road and much more. Read on!

JSYK: This is a little embarrassing...have you you guys noticed that you're all wearing the same outfit?
Kevin: Actually, it's not embarrassing because we're a team. We're the Road Dogs and we're going to go beat the other team today.

So you're playing a charity softball game. What is the cause you're playing for?
Nick: I think we're mainly supporting our charity Change for the Children Foundation – it's something that's really close to all of our hearts. I'm a diabetic myself, so anything we can do to raise awareness is a big thing.

So we're going to get to see your softball skills in a few minutes, but who is the least athletic Jonas brother?
Nick: I don't know, I don't think we really like to compare ourselves (Kevin agrees). We just all try to get out there and do a good job and have fun.

Who came up with Road Dogs?
Nick: I actually think it was me.
Kevin and Joe: It was you. Yeah.
Nick: We had a couple of ideas in mind, but Road Dogs felt right.

So you're on the road right now doing your world tour. How's that going?
Joe: It's been great. We've been to 15 different cities now and it's been great and the shows have been a lot of fun and getting better and better and as a band we're getting closer and closer throughout the tour.

And you have something like 47 more cities to go. You're up for it?
Nick: It's a long tour, but it's going to be a lot of fun. We're so thankful our fans have shown up for the shows and that they're supportive of what we do. It's amazing.

Keep reading to find out if Kevin and his fiance, Danielle Deleasa, have set a wedding date, details about Camp Rock 2 and if the guys plan on covering a Michael Jackson song anytime soon. Plus much, much more.

{Here's the second part of our interview with the Jonas Brothers, enjoy!}

Kevin, you just took a break from tour to get engaged. Any details? Is there a date?
Kevin: We haven't set a date yet, just, you know, excited about it and we're just really happy with our family and our fans and everything.

Well congratulations!
Kevin: Thank you very much.

What is the one thing you guys can't live without when you're on tour?
Kevin: For us it's just a good night's sleep maybe?
Joe: And we have an entertainment case that we travel with that's a lot of fun to have. And a Marquis Jet.
Nick: I'd have to agree with those two things. We do a lot of flying around and we have a good partner with Marquis Jets.

You guys have covered a lot of great artists in the past like The Beatles. Any plans to add a Michael Jackson song to your setlist?
Nick: Possibly. I think for us he was definitely an inspiration. His music will live on forever. I don't know if we'll do a song of his, we don't have one in the works yet, but maybe one day.

You guys have been Twittering...who actually sends your tweets? Is it a joint effort?
Kevin: It is a joint effort. We have the application on our phone so whenever we're together we typically do it. We all know about the Twitter posts – all three of us together – before we send it out.

Will you be tweeting from the game today at all?
Nick: Possibly. We tweeted from the last one. We're actually 2 and 1 right now and we lost the last game and we tweeted our defeat. But we're hoping to tweet a win today.

Your hand, is it okay? (Nick's hand was wrapped)
Nick: It's not hurt.
Kevin: It's sports tape.
Nick: It just works for me for some reason. It's all good. Kind of like intimidation I think.

Can you tell us anything about Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam?
Nick: Camp Rock 2 is coming up in September, we're gonna be taking about a month and a half off from the tour side of things to go shoot that up in Canada. It's a lot of fun, the cast is amazing and we're looking forward to getting back up there and filming the second installment of the movie.

Well thank you guys so much, we wanted you to sign our 'JSYK Hearts The JoBros" poster so we can give it away on

Keep your eyes on JSYK in the next few weeks and we'll tell you how to win the poster signed by all three Jonas Brothers!


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