Care Bears On Fire:
These Kids ROCK!!

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Kid Rock is gonna have to change his name cuz' these are the kids rockin' hot right now.

What began as just a few jam sessions in their Brooklyn basements in the 6th grade, took on a life of its own after Sophie, Izzy and Jena posted their songs on YouTube.

Suddenly, the girls had fans. And a name, Care Bears On Fire.

A couple of years (and 15 songs) later, the band is releasing an album today, right now, as we speak, called Get Over It!

Sophie (now 13), Izzy (also 13) and Jena (15) couldn't be more stoked.

'Sharp, infectious punk,' 'sassarrific,' and 'hipper than imaginable,' are just some of what's being said about this high energy, punk rock trio. Yeah, they're teens, but they make it clear from the get-go, they don't wanna be "like everybody else." In fact, that's kinda their motto...and a fan fave track titled "Everybody Else." You have got to hear this song.

Admit it, "Everybody Else" is still stuck in your head, right? Yeah, ours too. Nanananana....

CBOF are currently touring the country with the Naked Brothers Band (wow, right?). Find out if they're playing in your hometown here. And this just in: they'll be performing on Late Night with David Letterman (bigger WOW!) on August 26th.

In the meantime, we're heading backstage to hang with this awesome threesome at their August 16th concert in NYC! So make sure you leave a comment or send us a tweet with your burning Care Bears On Fire questions!


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