Shawn Johnson's New Puppy!

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Shawn Johnson called us as she was getting ready for Shawn Johnson and Friends: An Evening of Music, Dance and Shawn, a special event in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday night.

She kept quiet about her recent Seventeen magazine photoshoot (the issue comes out in November), but she did fill us in on the new love in her life, her top college choices and whether or not she's done with dancing.

Here's our exclusive interview with her!

JSYK: Tell us about the show! The show's going to be a lot of fun. We've got a bunch of the Dancing With The Stars cast, we've got the Ballas Hough Band and Mitchel Musso and a bunch of local acts are coming in from Des Moines. It's just kind of a thank you to my hometown for everything that they've done."

You posted a photo on Twitter of a new puppy.. Yeah. [Joey] is a Lhasa Apso-Maltese mix. It was a congratulations gift. I'm not getting much sleep of course, but she's a sweetheart. I love her. My golden retriever is a little jealous, but he's getting used to her.

What are you currently reading? I'm currently reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I just finished a book, April and Oliver and it was really good.

You're going to be a senior in high school. Will you continue school from the road? Yes, I transferred to an online private high school and I'll finish through them. [We asked about college plans too.] Um, not sure quite yet, but my top two are Stanford and UCLA. So I'd love to go to one of them.

So you've done modeling and television with Dancing with the Stars and Secret Life of the American Teenager. Any interest in movies? It's not like I have an offer. I'll try's something I would have to think about if it was offered to me.

Will you hang up your dancing shoes after Sunday? Will you continue? Not really. We have a few events booked and planned that we're going to do and that's pretty much it.

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