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Make It or Break It Season 2!!

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Here's' some news that has a lot of people doing cartwheels: Make It or Break It has been picked up for a second season!

After this summer season finishes, The Rock will close its doors for a couple of months to give its stars a much needed hiatus (that's a fancy Hollywood word for celeb vacay). And then Cassie Scerbo, Chelsea Hobbs, Ayla Kell, and Josie Loren return in October with ten brand new episodes, promising more cute pizza boys, more love triangles, more cheating, lying, stealing, steroid scandals...what's that? Oh! Right! And more gymnastics!

Nobody on the planet was more thrilled to learn MIOBI was picked up for another season than the lovely Cassie Scerbo who plays bad-girl Lauren Tanner on the show. That was obvious by the nine exclamation points that followed her Twitter post last night: "Make it or Break it was picked up for 10 more EPISODES!!!!!!!!!"

For sure Cassie is looking forward to taking a breather before the new season starts taping, seeing as how hard she works when she's on the show. Cassie and her MIOBI co-stars train as hard for the show as some gymnastics hopefuls train for the Olympics!

We chatted with Cassie recently about how she and her cast members got in top form for the show. "For the first season, we trained for months with a personal trainer," Cassie told us. "It's no joke! We've been running through the sand on the beaches, doing pull-ups and chin ups, the vaults, the beams, the bars...they really train us hard!" Cassie says because of TV legal issues the actresses have to use stunt doubles for much of the gymnastics moves seen on the show. "Still, we do a lot of our own stunts," Cassie said. "We do get up on the beam and we do jumps and walks. We do runs into handstands. And all the conditioning you see us doing on the show? We're really doing that. We're sweating for real!"

Well, at least she won't be sweating it out any longer this summer, wondering if Make It or Break It's gonna "make it" another season! Kudos, Cassie!


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