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Meet Elle Wood's British cousins, Annie and Izzy, played by Milly Rosso and Becky Rosso. They star in Legally Blondes, premiering tonight on ABC Family.

Get to know the newcomers (they've appeared on Suite Life too) with beRED's exclusive interview with Milly and Becky:

Who is your favorite pop star?
Becky: My favorite pop stars are Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and Gwen Stefani!

Milly: My favorite singers are Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, and Belinda, who's a popular Mexican singer!

Reese Witherspoon produced 'Legally Blondes.' Did you get to meet her?
Becky: Before we started filming we had lunch with her. We were not disappointed when we met her because she is so friendly and chatty! She seems like a really kind and caring person. We think she is an amazing actress, so to get to work with her is such as honor.

Milly: She even sent us cookies and a note to our trailer on the first day of filming, which made us feel a lot less nervous and was really encouraging! She is presenting and producing this movie, so we are so proud that she likes it.

What projects do you have coming up?
Becky: We are going to film a pilot for Disney Channel this summer! We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will be picked up and made into a series because that would be like a dream come true! Also, if the audience likes 'Legally Blondes,' we would love to do a sequel!

Read the entire interview at beRED!


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