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Not sure what to wear for the first day of school? Everyone knows your back-to-school outfit sets the tone for the whole year (gasp!). So before you shop, you should figure out your BTS style. Are you preppy, dressy, eclectic or laid back? Take the quiz and find out!


Preppy: You like to mix classic styles with current trends and you want people to think of you as someone who is on top of their game. Doing well in school is important and giving back/volunteering is also something you feel is important. You like to study, but you also like hanging out with your friends.

Your Style: polos, sweaters, pullovers, blazers, dress shirts and jeans.

Eclectic: You tend to be pretty creative and enjoy learning about all sorts of things. Chatting with friends and hearing different opinions on topics is fun especially when there is some debate. You like to mix things up and sometimes bring several different styles together when planning the perfect outfit.

Your Style: graphic tees, jeans, sneakers, hoodies, leggings.

Dressy: You definitely like to put your best foot forward every time you step into the school hallway. You have hundreds of Facebook friends and being noticed by others is important to you. You love to wear fabulous clothes that make you look ready for a night out and that might get you noticed by that special guy/girl.

Your Style: designer denim, button-up shirts, skirts, heels, dressy shirts, handbags and jewelry.

Laid Back: You tend to be a go-with-the-flow kind of person. Hanging out with friends or just kickin' back is your idea of a fun evening. You love to be comfortable and wear clothes that fit your lifestyle.

Your Style: jeans, basic tees, plaid shirts, flip flops

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