Selena & JSYK Listening Party!

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OMG. JSYK spent the afternoon with the sweetest superteen in the world yesterday, and we certainly don't have to tell you it was Selena Gomez!

In NYC to promote Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie - which premiers August 28 on the Disney Channel - Selena filled us in on all that she's been up to since our last gabfest in June.

First: the movie: "You won't believe how great this movie is!" Selena gushed. "I loved everything about doing Wizards as a movie. Being in Puerto Rico, being with the cast, well, my family!"

We asked Selena about her favorite scene in the movie: "It's hard for me to pick a favorite," she said.

"But, I guess I'd say the campfire scenes between Alex and Justin (David Henrie) are my favorite. Our characters spend a lot of time bickering on the TV show, and in the movie we work stuff out and have some special moments."

We also asked about the soundtrack: "Oh, I was really excited to record music for the Wizards soundtrack! I love making music. I think all our fans, all the show's fans, will love the songs on the CD. They're so fun and magical!" Listen to Selena sing on the soundtrack!

Still, we suspected Selena was all aglow for yet another reason. Then we found out why: Her very own record album is coming out soon! "I am so, so, so, so excited and nervous about my record!" Selena told us. "Would you do me a favor?" she then asked. "Would you listen to one of my singles and tell me if you like it?"

Um...well, YEAH!!!

So after Selena stuck her iPod earplugs in our ears, we gave her single a listen. Wow! OK - it's official: Selena - you rock! We all agreed Selena's voice is awesome and her music has a great dance beat. Unfortunately, we were sworn to secrecy and can't tell you the name of the track we listened to. But we will say this, it has the word "kiss" in the title!

So keep your eyes (and ears) open for Selena's first-ever solo record, due out this September from Hollywood Records!


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