Demi Lovato Empowers Teens
And Steps Up for Sister!

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Pop star Demi Lovato has had enough.

From the time she was a cherub-cheeked cutie, singing and dancing on Barney, Demi has been on the other end of some pretty harsh name calling.

Now, with sold-out summer tours, chart-topping pop songs and a hit Disney Channel show, Demi is on top of the world. But she has a mission, too. Demi wants to make sure other kids and teens don't have to sit back and feel the hurt the way she did.

So just last week the concerned singer/actress stepped up to lend her support to an anti-bullying website called "I was bullied in middle school," Demi confesses on the newly-launched site. "It got so bad I chose to leave and be home schooled."

Today, the popular starlet says she's still battling the bullies, though this time she's fighting on behalf of her half-sister Madison De La Garza, the 8-year-old super-cute actress who appears on the TV show Desperate Housewives. "It's unfortunate that people would spend their time...(bullying) instead of putting their energy into something better," Demi told a crowd of fans at an event for the website's launch last week.

And check out this chain of three tweets she sent out a couple weeks back. "Since when did having a 22 inch waist mean your fat? Just curious." "It shouldn't. What is wrong with some people? They're the prime reason why our society's views on weight have become so messed up." "I'm sorry I've got a booty. :)"

If you've read anything about Demi's childhood, then you already know how Demi suffered some pretty hurt feelings when mean things were said about her weight as a child. Now younger sis Madison is reading the same sort of horrible things written about her on the web. "I can handle discrimination and haters on me," Demi told M Magazine in July. "I get that people will write things on gossip sites about me or other teen actors. But if you are old enough to be typing on a computer, you have no right to bad mouth a (then) 7-year-old little girl who is just living her dream."

Kudos to Demi for not just complaining, but actually trying to change people's views.

"Join me in the movement to put an end to bullying," Demi says on the site, which will soon feature a brand new Teens Against Bullying video featuring her. "The end of bullying begins with you."


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