Why We Heart Emily Osment

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We caught up with Emily Osment to talk about life, music and Hannah Montana The Movie (available on DVD today). Check out our Q&A with Emily:

JSYK: What is your favorite memory from filming?
Emily: "We had a lot of really great times on the movie. The most memorable thing was just being able to be in Tennessee with everybody from the cast and take our show out on the road kind of and go on location which was really fun. And just being together I think was the best part and getting to work with all the new cast members."

Who was your favorite new cast member to work with? I think I worked mostly with Lucas. Out of the new cast members, I think he was the one I worked with the most. He is a great guy.

In the movie, you're on a golf cart and a skate board...did you have a stunt double?
I did have a stunt double. The majority of it was me. Anything that looked really dangerous was not me. I did the half pipe though, that was me. I trained with Andy MacDonald, he's like one of Tony Hawk's best friends, they skate together all the time, so that was really cool. I'm not into that whole skater world, so I had no idea who this guy was that was teaching me until I got home and I Googled him and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, that's who I was working with all day?' Soo cool, I really learned a lot and I can do a half pipe now which is pretty cool.

Could there be a Hannah Montana movie sequel? It's hard to say. I mean, we're focusing on season four and then who knows what could happen.

So Lilly and Oliver are finally a couple. Do you prefer 'Loliver' or 'Olivilly'? Ooh. I think everybody kind of says Loliver.

What secrets can you tell us about the relationship? Is it going to be smooth sailing now? I couldn't tell you. It's a pretty long relationship though. You get to see it kind of arc and get to see everybody watch us go through this relationship. And I think it's kind of expected. I mean, everyone kind of knew eventually we were going to have a Loliver. But yeah, I can't tell you.

You're on Twitter, but there are quite a few Emily Osments on Twitter. Does that make you mad? It doesn't make me mad. It's kind of cool that all these kids want to pretend to be me. I guess that's pretty cool. But I only have one real Twitter which is simply twitter.com/EmilyOsment. It's kind of frustrating when kids will go on pretending to be me and say some mean stuff or stuff that isn't true. That's when it gets kind of aggravating, but when it comes down to it, they're fans.

Team Edward or Jacob? Team Edward. I am, of course. Nothing against Taylor Lautner because he's just playing the role.

Tell us about your new album... Yes. I have an EP coming out in August [October]. "All The Way Up" is the first song out of the bunch that I've been doing. And I have my actual album coming out next year.

College plans? Yeah, I'm looking all over the place. I've been visiting a lot of colleges and I think I just need to find the one that's right for me.

If we turned on your iPod right now what would be playing? Oh gosh. Let's go see. Hmm, what was I playing last...Oh, I was playing Run by Air from the album Talkie Walkie. That's what's playing right now. I deleted that automatic playlist that was like top 25 songs that you play the most because it made me mad because I don't want to know that I listen to something more than I listen to John Lennon or something like that. I want to have the mindset that I listen to everybody equally, but obviously I don't.


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