The Make It Or Break It
Season Finale Is Here!

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Has this been the longest week ever or WHAT? Seriously, here at JSYK, we're about to burst. We can't take the suspense much longer! Luckily, tonight is the night. The season finale of Make It Or Break It is finally here!!

Last week's episode was DRAMA from start to finish! Clever plan, Emily...tossing Kaylie's house keys into the lake instead of her car keys and making everyone (including us) think the girls were stranded!

But wow, talk about results! With the girls all believing they were stranded at their old gymnastics camp, they built a campfire to keep warm. And before we knew it, they started dishing dirt. Payson came clean about the steroids she's been using for her back pain. That was huge! And Kaylie confessed her mom had an affair with The Rock's former coach Marty - the reason he had to leave The Rock.

But OMG - when Lauren (Cassie Scerbo) spilled about her mom not being a relief worker in Darfur! Yikes! But that was nothing compared to her calling out Kaylie for stealing Carter! We didn't see that one coming. Who knew Lauren had dibs on Carter in the first place?? Well, apparently, she did...back when they were thirteen, anyway...

These girls sure know how to pack in a lot of "intensity" into one episode! And tonight the girls head to Nationals! It's what they've been working towards all season. Don't know about you, but we won't be getting up from the couch for a snack after 9 p.m. tonight. Not even during commercials. And risk missing Kaylie lose her cool in front of the press? Not a chance. Oh, and of course we HAVE to see if Carter will show up at Nationals! And if he does, will it be to see Lauren or Kaylie???

But most of all, we don't want to miss the cliffhanger! We know the show is coming back in the fall, so they'll probably leave us hanging. SPOILER ALERT: Will Payson come back in the fall? After tonight's fall from the uneven bars, well...let's just say not even Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson could recover from a fall that devastating... (If you're watching, you know that our spoiler wasn't right...Payson just stuck her bar routine! Someone falls though, but who? Maybe it is Payson on the second day of competition...)



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