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Marlene Wallach is President of Wilhelmina Kids and Teens modeling agency and the author of the new My Tween Lifestyle Collection book series - all about finding your style and loving what makes you unique.

We asked JSYK readers for your questions about life, beauty, style, popularity...whatever! Keep reading for Marlene's advice to some of your questions. Got a question of your own? Go to!

How do I deal with girls that think they are better than me?
My concern is how you know girls think they're better than you - is it written on their forehead or is it just a feeling you have. Either way - focus on the great things about yourself and being the best you can be. Maybe you're a great student or an athlete or a natural musician. Whatever it is – your job is to look in the mirror today and figure it out at least two great things about yourself and focus on that.

I'm 12 should I do makeup???? There's makeup and there's make - up and there are no rules about the right age to start. If you're parents don't want you to wear makeup or kids in school your age don't wear makeup but you're dying to start, a dab of Vaseline on your lips – it looks the same as gloss!

When someone says I'm ugly, do they really mean it when they say "Just kidding!" If I feel beautiful, do I listen to my friend who says I'm ugly? If you have a friend who says you're ugly – not sure they're the right one for you to count on as a friend. Beginning of the school year is a great time to make new friends. Say hello to a new person in your class or the lunchroom everyday and before you know it you'll be surrounded by a great group. It's important to spend time with nice people who care about you and who think you're terrific. Keep in mind it's important for you to treat others in the same way too.

I was wondering why guys always go for the girls who are "fake". The girls who just care about their hair and how they look. Why don't guys go for the girls who are real and care about stuff that matters?
The guys who only want the girls who you think are "fake" are most likely the ones that you wouldn't like unless you're "fake" too. Don't change who you are just to get attention from boys. Stay true to yourself, and the nice guys begin to discover you and all your great qualities.

My question is it is almost time for school and I am in middle school I was just wondering what kind of new wardrobe and what kind of makeup I should wear?
What I do at the beginning of each season is check out the latest fashion magazines. See what they're showing for back to school, and then take an inventory of what you already have in your closet. Chances are you've got some great things and that you can fill in with a few new pieces to update your look for the 2009/10 season. (JSYK Note: If you want help finding your back-to-school look, click here to take our style quiz)

I used to be one of the popular girls in school. But me and 2 BFFs all got in a big fight. Well, the fight began when we all thought we were spreading rumors. So I finally said I'm done with this I don't need to be popular to have friends. But in middle school it's like top priority...I need help please tell me how me and my group can be popular again??? I don't want to join [their] clique I want to have my own so, help me please. Rumors and cliques – they can be very hurtful. Instead of focusing on that and creating just another clique, you and your new friends should focus on hanging around together for the sake of having fun together. Frenemies are people you should keep away from and the beginning of school is a perfect time to find new friends that don't create drama – they're just good friends.

Hello! I am a 12-year-old girl with a problem: I don't know who I am! I'm full of opinions and dreams and wishes, but I don't even know what kind of haircut to get or what extracurricular activity to get involved in! Can you tell me how to find the person I really am? The best way to find out who are and what you like is to try new things. You can begin by experimenting with your wardrobe in small ways – make changes slowly until something feels right. Join a club or try out for a team or maybe the school play - you're bound to find something you enjoy. And keep in mind that you're if you're already asking those kind of questions about who you are you are already ahead of the game.

All 4 books in the My Tween Lifestyle Collection - 'My Self', 'My Life', 'My Look' and 'My Beauty' are available today and can be purchased from!


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