Isabelle Fuhrman: From Evil to Good!

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Isabelle Fuhrman's next movie is s-l-o-w in coming to the big screen. Well, only because it's about turtles!

Sea turtles, actually. And Isabelle is the voice - in this animated feature - of Hatchling Sally (along with Hatchling Sammy, voiced by Billy Unger).

Hatchlings Sally and Sammy are the star turtles in Around the World in 50 Years, a movie with no release date yet, but judging by this photo, promises to be high on the cuteness scale! (Get it? Scale? Turtles? Fish? No? Um, anyway...) Sally and Sammy are hatched in 1959 and spend the next 50 years traveling the world. It's a movie about friendship, but it's also a movie that hopes to make viewers aware of the effects of global warming too.

The movie is pretty different from Isabelle's last flick, Orphan, about a really sweet-looking girl who turns out to be pure evil.

Isabelle, on the other hand? Incredibly sweet! And the funny thing is, at 12, she, too, was too young to see her own movie this summer! Well, in theaters, anyway. That fact got us thinking about how weird it must be to star in a movie that you're not old enough to go see. So we called Isabelle up and asked her about it!

JSYK: Hi, Isabelle!

Isabelle Fuhrman: Hi!

JSYK: made this super scary movie. Were you allowed to go see it?

Isabelle: (laughs) I had to ask my mother! When I was sitting with my mom and the producers and we were watching the takes, I kept asking. "Can I see the movie? Please can I see the movie?" It was pretty funny! She said, "I don't know, it's rated R and you're not allowed to see rated R movies." So I asked her, "Well, can I at least see the scenes I'm in?"

JSYK: Good thinking!

Isabelle: Right? So my mom said, "Yes, I'll at least let you see the scenes you're in." (She laughs.) That's every scene!

JSYK: Oh...ha! So I guess you got to see it...

Isabelle: Yeah. I've seen it a lot of times now.

But the first time, my sister sat next to me at the premiere. And so there were some scenes with Vera (Vera Farmiga, actress in the movie) and Peter (Peter Sarsgaard, actor in the movie) that I wasn't allowed to see, so my sister covered my eyes during those scenes!

JSYK: Really? That's funny. Was your sister scared?

Isabelle: Yeah, she was scared. But then she said in the middle of the movie, "It's scary, but to me it's not so scary because I know you. You're my sister." And for me it wasn't so scary because I knew what was happening behind the scenes.

JSYK: But you know how when sometimes, even when you know when something scary is about to still get scared? Did that happen to you?

Isabelle: Oh, yeah! When I was sitting in the theater, I was like, "Okay. I know what's going to happen. She's going to pop out any second now...Oh my gosh...Here it comes...She's going to pop up...!" And I still jumped! Even when I knew, and I saw it over and and over again, I still cringed at the scary moments and laughed at the funny parts.

JSYK: Funny parts?

Isabelle: Well, funny lines. I guess I meant in other movies, too. When there have been funny parts that I knew were coming up, I still laugh at them even though I know they are coming.

JSYK: Did anything scare you during filming Orphan?

Isabelle: Not really! I was covered in fake blood and did a lot of scary special effects stuff. But it was all make-up. I knew it was all make-up. Actually, when I sat for make-up - sometimes three hours or more a day - I would do my schoolwork or read. Nothing freaked me out or anything. It was pretty funny, actually. The funniest was all the sets of teeth they had to make for me. I had like five sets of teeth for Esther, my character. I kept losing teeth on set, too. It was hard talking with the fake teeth in my mouth.

JSYK: What was your favorite scene to film?

Isabelle: Hmmm... the coolest scene I filmed was the underwater stunt scenes. We filmed some fight scenes underwater in a 50-foot deep pool on a sound stage in Toronto. The water was really nice, like a bathtub. I loved being in it! I was wearing full costume, too. And shoes. They had to put weights on me so I would sink a bit, too.

JSYK: Where did you learn to make such scary faces - like the scary face you have on your movie poster for Orphan?

Isabelle: My friends think it's pretty cool that I can make such creepy faces. I like making them, too. I can make them better when I'm in character though. When I played Esther, I made the best scary faces. It was easy! It depended on the scene I was doing. Like, the scene where Esther has a fit in the bathroom, I knew Esther was going through something difficult. She was afraid people were going to find out a secret about her. So I had to believe Esther was scared in order to have such a violent fit. I just pretended to be overwhelmed with fear and rage.

We loved chatting with the charming Isabelle – more so when she revealed to us that Around the World in 50 Years was about harmless little sea turtles! Isabelle - you KNOW we will be the first on line at the box office for sea turtles! And we can't wait to hear what's coming up after that - give us a ring or drop us a Tweet, GF - we're waiting by the phone! :)


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