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Christofer Drew, a.k.a. Never Shout Never, is one of the Internet success stories you keep hearing about. Using MySpace to spread his self-released EPs, Christofer landed a performance on TRL and has since had over 55 million song plays on the site and sold over 58,000 EPs -- all as an unsigned artist! Now, the 18-year-old Missouri native is in the studio recording his debut record for Warner Bros. and we caught up with Christofer to talk about it!

JSYK: Hey, Christofer! How's the new album coming along?

Christofer Drew: I got about half of the songs done about a month and a half ago and I'm coming back now to finish it up.

JSYK: Have you decided on a title for the album?

Christofer: I think I'm going to name it What is Love?.

JSYK: What's it like working with Butch Walker?

Christofer: He's given me all the freedom in the world. I kind of know what I want already, so I was nervous to go with a big producer because he might want to change things, but Butch is being totally amazing and great to me.

JSYK: A lot of your songs are written about love – are you in a relationship now?

Christofer: No. Just a couple months ago, I broke up with a girlfriend that I've had for like three years on and off. It's sad, but it's life. Life is full of changes.

JSYK: Do you feel like you write better songs when you're in love or after a breakup?

Christofer: Afterwards because I'm all thrown off and disoriented. I feel like I write better songs then. But I also write good songs when I'm in love, too.

JSYK: What can we expect to hear on the new record?

Christofer: Half of the songs are really Beatles-influenced pop songs and then the other half is a little more acoustic-driven and me saying things I think need to be said to the world.

JSYK: When will you be releasing What is Love?

Christofer: December, hopefully, but they'll probably push it to January or something.


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