Selena Spills Secrets To JSYK!

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Yes, there really is a Waverly Place in New York City, and yes, Selena Gomez has been there.

"Last time I was in New York I had dinner on Waverly Place and I was so psyched! I was like, I work on the show on Waverly Place..." she told JSYK, leaning in close to whisper so that nobody else could hear, "My dream is to open up a sub shop on the real Waverly Place in New York! How cool would that be?"

Very! We'd eat there for sure!

In New York to promote her new movie, Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie, which premieres Friday, August 28th on the Disney Channel, Selena spilled more than a few secrets during our super fun lunch-time chat.

Like...the day that nearly put her over the edge on the Wizards Movie set in Puerto Rico:

Selena Gomez: I really didn't expect filming some of the scenes would be so intense, to be honest with you. There was a lot of action involved. And I was not prepared for that at all. It was three full days of being in the sun and I was in a suit, like an actual hero suit that had long sleeves and came up to my neck, and I had boots and tights...

JSYK: Wait...a suit?

Selena: Well, it was our wizard competition outfit. So, it was one of those tight, tight superhero costumes. Everyone was joking around, calling us Power Rangers! But it was very tight, and my hair was in a slicked back pony tail and my bangs were really cut weird. I thought I looked cool for the first hour. But then, after that, I was done! It was about 100 degrees and in the entire sequence I have water and grass all over me. I get rained on and David (Henrie) is covered in mud the whole time.

JSYK: Other than that day, was it great being in Puerto Rico?

Selena: Yes! I love Puerto Rico! I was there with Demi for Princess Protection Program, too. So I'm like at home there.

JSYK: If you had a free week to go anywhere you wanted, and you could pick four best friends to join you, where would you go, who would you pick, and what would you do?

Selena: I would pick Taylor (Swift), Demi (Lovato), Jennifer (Stone), and my cousin. All girls! And we'd go to – wait! Nobody would know we were there, right?

JSYK: Right.

Selena: Then Paris! It's very romantic there. But I can safely say that all of us are single! (Laughs) So it would be nice to go together and have a girls' trip away!

Oops! Now that we've spilled the big dream vacay secret, be on the lookout at all Air France terminals for a Selena, Taylor, Demi and Jen sighting...!


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