Wizards' Jen Stone: Action Star!

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Why do we heart Jennifer Stone? (Do you have a few hours, this could take a while...)

Let's just say that aside from the fact she's awesome as Harper on Wizards of Waverly Place, we heart her big-time because she is SO sweet, nice, funny, cute (beautiful, in fact), down-to-earth and talented.

Did we mention she was funny?

Anyway, we lunched with Jennifer (okay - more like chugged some bottled water and munched some healthy veggies) in NYC just before the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie premiere on the Disney Channel.

And though we were shocked to hear she's never been to the real Waverly Place in Manhattan - "I've driven in the general vicinity but I have not actually been. It's tragic, I know! I need to go! We spend every day on Waverly Place. I need to go to the real one!" - we still heart her very much. (BTW - the real Waverly Place is a trendy, boutique area, the kind of place Harper would flip for!)

We were also surprised to learn the Wizards movie is not Jennifer's first.

Jennifer Stone: I actually did a film called Second Hand Lions, like, way back when I was nine. You should IMDB it because it is so hard to explain! It was in and out of theaters. That was my first film, but it's always so nice to return to film because it's so different from television.

JSYK: How so?

Jennfer: Well, our TV show, Wizards, is more like doing theater because we do it in fewer takes and we have a live audience there. And there's a certain energy that comes from having a live audience around. When we did the Wizards movie we had to do scenes in a lot of different takes. It was a lot more strenuous than doing the television show. And there was no audience around to laugh at your lines and tell you if you "nailed" a funny scene or not. You miss out on their energy when you make a movie.

JSYK: Is it harder to make movies?

Jennifer: There are definite pros and cons to each. You have more time to explore characters and emotions on a movie, yet there's more time for comedy and more of a team for that when you shoot a television show.

JSYK: So where did you film and who went with you?

Jennifer: We filmed in Puerto Rico! And I had my mom with me! Usually one of my parents goes with me everywhere. Which is a nice luxury to have! So my mom went with me to PR and...she did mama stuff while I worked all day!

JSYK: What about school?

Jennifer: I'm 16 but I'm going into my senior year next year. I'm home schooled. We do Wizards over the year – well, we're doing Wizards over the summer right now...but it'll go on until we're like halfway through school. And yes, I had schoolwork in Puerto Rico, too. Tests, homework, reading...

JSYK: How much are you like Harper?

Jennifer: Not that much, actually! She and I both have that awkwardness – I mean, she and I are both 16-year-old girls trying to figure out that whole deal and all. But I sort of intensify the awkwardness within myself and put that into Harper when I'm playing her. Other than that, she and I tend to both get really excited about things that most people don't understand! Like I get excited about the latest sci-fi movie and she'll get really excited about a fabric on sale or something.

JSYK: Yes, we've seen that on the show...

Jennifer: (Laughing) Yeah! That's Harper! So those are like the only two things we really have in common. She's just really a fun character to transform into.

JSYK: Tell us about the infamous subway car scene in the Wizards Movie - we hear it's your fave!

Jennifer: Oh, yeah! I loved filming the subway scene! I'm a big action movie fan, that's why. It took Selena and I two days to film this. They greased the floor of a subway car and we were flying all over the place, falling over each other and hitting the back of the subway car. The whole scene is very action-oriented. It's only a quick little thing in the movie, but I was telling her the whole time we were out there filming, "I feel like Angelina Jolie!"

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premieres on Disney Channel Friday August 28 at 8 p.m. - Click here to watch three clips from the movie!

And check out our movie photo gallery!



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