David Henrie Sick of Wizards? Under a Spell With Selena??

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Forget that his big charity movie premiere plans with Selena Gomez and other Wizards cast members didn't work out the other day - it was the thought that counted, right? For sure. And when it comes to David Henrie, it doesn't come any more thoughtful, sweeter...or cuter!

He had this AWESOME idea: a first come, first watch surprise showing of the new Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie. And co-stars and friends (like Selena) were all set to join! He sent the word out on Twitter and it spread like wildfire. Pretty soon, thousands and thousands of fans were planning to come! The whole thing became such a possible traffic nightmare - among other things - that poor David had to cancel the whole thing. On Twitter. In a series of posts. :(

But of course the movie is still premiering on the Disney Channel tomorrow night and of course David is still stoked for that. And NO, we didn't mean to freak you out - he's not sick of Wizards. The truth is, David was sick in Wizards! We caught up with David while he was in NYC a few weeks ago and he let us in on a little secret: during most of the filming of Wizards in Puerto Rico, he was sick as a dog!

David Henrie: My mom was with me in Puerto Rico filming the first couple of weeks because I was sick. On antibiotics and stuff. I was sick for a lot of the movie. Real sick - bad allergies. It was not good!

JSYK: That's horrible!

David: Yes, it was. I was sick for, like, weeks! Then I got better and my mom finally left. So my uncles came to hang out with me. But in most of the movie - I'm sick!

JSYK: No good "spells" up your sleeve to get rid of your bad allergies?

David: Well, my favorite spell is "McCreary Time Reary," you know...the rewinding time spell? That's a cool spell. So I guess, maybe if I could have used the spell to go back in time and, I don't know, taken some allergy meds?

JSYK: (laughing) What was your favorite scene in the movie? Were you sick while filming it?

David: Ha! Yes! I was a little bit! My favorite scene was the campfire scene between Justin and Alex.

JSYK: Hey - that's what Selena told us was her fave, too!

David: (Smiles) She did? Well, it's just such a nice scene for our characters because we are always fighting so much on the TV show. But in this scene we get to take a break from arguing and bickering and just kind of chill and say 'I love you."

JSYK: OMG! That's exactly what she said!

David: Ha! Well that's cool...

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premieres tonight on Disney Channel! Click here to watch three clips from the movie



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