Look! It's Dakota Fanning
As Volturi Vampire Jane!!

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OMG! Take a look at Dakota Fanning in this new character promo pic from New Moon.

Do you think Dakota looks scary enough?

We weren't sure, but then we saw the new photos from the actual movie and we are officially creeped out!

Check out the tense photo of Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) looking super worried as she is restrained by Volturi member, Demitri during the big showdown in Italy in the exciting climax of the movie.

Scroll down for a few more pics and check out all of our New Moon filming photos in the New Moon gallery (including another creepy photo of the Volturi leaders sitting on thrones).

New Moon's director spoke to People about the look of the Volturi - the look is thanks to Twilight author Stephenie Meyer! "Stephenie was very keen to steer away from a kind of wizard-y look for the vampires," he said. "They do look quite young, but they convey a formality and self-possession, which comes from age."

And another with Jane and Edward (Robert Pattinson) at the Volturi headquarters in Italy. See Jane's scary red eyes? They're actually hand-painted opaque contact lenses!



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