Our Interview With The Lovely And Talented Chelsea Staub!

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A couple weeks ago we got to chat with the fabulous Chelsea Staub from JONAS and she dished to us about the show, what it's like to be known as "the blonde chick" with Joe Jonas, why she's on Team Edward and why she is a pro at the monkey bars. Check out our conversation below!

BTW, we were having some phone troubles (we're still new to Skype) and Chelsea was SO sweet about it. It took a few tries to get connected, but once we did we had a blast chatting with her.

So you were talking about how much you love Twitter...

I do love Twitter. We definitely have a serious romance. Oh I love it. I'm on it all the time.

What about the other Chelsea Staubs on Twitter?

I know, it sucks. It's a total bummer. I'm flattered when kids want to make fan sites, but when it comes to posing and kind of misleading fans, I always feel so bad. The real Chelsea Staub is @itsChelsea Staub.

JSYK: Good, we just sent a tweet to that Chelsea.

Oh good. That's me!

JSYK: So you just got back from the Disney cruise...

Chelsea: It was amazing. Definitely one of the best family vacations I've ever had - it didn't even feel like work. My family got to come with me, my mom, my dad and my grandmother. We spent seven days on the Disney Wonder, hanging out with the fans and eating like 12 meals a day, we ate so much food. Definitely didn't want to get into a bathing suit after it. But it was just incredible. Between swimming with dolphins and the entertainment, it was just an absolute blast.

JSYK: Was it your first cruise?

It was my first cruise. It's addicting. To have everything you could ever want, be it a gym or a Broadway show or a gourmet meal, whatever you want, within a couple decks of each other. Food, constantly, ice cream bars open, it was just awesome.

JSYK: Changing subjects, are you as interested in fashion as Stella [her character on JONAS]?

Chelsea: Um, I think my idea of fashion is very different from Stella's. Stella uses fashion to make a statement. She definitely uses it to express her moods and what she's feeling that day whether it be Parisian or punk rock and dressing the Jonas Brothers who are very style conscious and brand conscious and like to dress to the nines and I think in real life I'm very different from that. I like to look good, but I don't know the first thing about designer names or designers brands. It's definitely been a learning experience, playing a stylist and being around boys who know stylist's names and work with stylists. I'm learning a lot...but I wouldn't say it's my favorite subject.

JSYK: Does Chelsea Staub have a stylist?

I don't, I have different brands that I work with a lot. BCBG is one of my favorite and they've been very good to me and have such great stuff so I definitely trust them.

JSYK: Do you ever meet any fans that are jealous of you because of all the time you get to spend with the Jonas Brothers?

Pretty much my first year of being with the Jonas Brothers being a part of the channel, I definitely had a hot and cold relationship with the fans. Some of them welcomed me with opened arms and had seen my other work like minute man and Bratz, the Bratz movie, and were more accepting of me as an actress and other girls were just like, who's the blonde chick?

JSYK: That must have been tough.

Chelsea: I shot the pilot with the Jonas Brothers two years ago but not a lot of people knew that unless you were really in on the fan sites and really in on the boys – the pilot wasn't ever aired or anything like that. So my first time really ever being spotted out in public with the Jonas Brothers was when Joe and I were photographed shopping in Santa Monica. Even though we had been friends for probably a year at that point, a lot of girls were really upset because they didn't know who I was or why I was there. I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings or garner some attention for myself. I never wanted to be considered a threat or trying to move in on the Jonas Brothers, but just an actress and a friend on their show.

JSYK: And Joe was just photographed out to dinner with Brenda Song...
Oh yeah, I heard about that. Yeah, it's definitely just a different time between paparazzi and camera phones and Twitter. You just get a lot of information thrown at you fast and there's really no way of being discreet or just...hanging out.

JSYK: What is it like being on the same show with these guys who are now mega worldwide celebrities?

I'm so glad the show's finally airing and people can finally understand why I'm here. That I mainly just got into the business because I love acting so much and performing and I just happened to fall into the role of Stella before the Jonas Brothers were even that famous. Getting to watch their rise to the level of boy band phenomenon has been amazing and also very weird because that's not what I thought I was getting myself into and I'm thrilled about it. I could not be happier with the show and I'm so proud of the boys success, but it's definitely a battle I never thought I'd be fighting in the sense that not only do I want people to like my acting in the first place but to like me to be a part of these boys and their show that they love so much. It's kind of like a double whammie.

JSYK: Will there be a season two?

That's what we're hoping. We haven't heard yet, so fingers crossed!

JSYK: Do you stick to the script on the show or do you and the guys improv?

Chelsea: It's a little bit of both. We definitely stick to the script, it is a half hour comedy and it is for Disney so we definitely want to kind of stay within certain guidelines. But the great part of working on a series is that your character changes weekly. It's not like a film where you see how your character starts and how it ends and maybe you get to improve a little here and there. It's really interesting. The first maybe 10 , 11 episodes we were kind of figuring out who we and what our characters did and literally toward the end of the first season, we would sit down at the table read and it was like us talking. The more the writers were around us the more our characters became more like us. And we definitely would improv. Kevin was probably the biggest person to improv. He would pull lines out of NO WHERE that would just crack us all up. It's really fun to watch the episodes back and see what lines they kept and what improv stuff we were able to get away with that we never thought we'd see on the show. We definitely give each other ideas. I've given Nick and Kevin and Joe ideas and they'll come over to me before a take and it's definitely teamwork from all of us.

JSYK: Do you watch the show?

Chelsea: Before the show aired I was able to get a couple of episodes to see them before they hit the airwaves to see if I needed to leave the country or something. But some of the episodes I've never seen edited together. So I'll definitely watch the show.

JSYK: What is something that not many people know about you?

Not very many people know that my dad was in the circus. He was a trapeze artist. So growing up the playground was never just monkey bars for me, I was always learning tricks.

JSYK: We hear you're on Team Edward. We are on Team Jacob...

Chelsea: I am on team Edward. You're on team Jacob? Um, you know, I think Edward is like my generation's prince charming. This guy falls in love with you for the rest of his life and wants to marry you and once he does you have everlasting beauty and a walk in closet full of couture? I mean, I'm ruined. I'm absolutely destroyed. I will never find the perfect guy ever.

JSYK: Yeah, but you have to suck the blood of animals!

Chelsea: I know. That's true. That part is kinda gross.


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