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It's almost Fall! And that means one thing, people! Crisp autumn leaves? A cool, brisk chill in the air? Nope!

The new Fall line-up on TV!

Yeah, we're obsessed. But hey, there's plenty to obsess over. Some old faves are returning and a there are a few brand new shows like The Vampire Diaries, premiering tonight on the CW!

Here's the lowdown on Vampire Diaries. Before there was a Twilight book series, there was a Vampire Diaries book series. Small town. High school girl. Vampire boy. Love story. Sound familiar? Yeah, we thought so, too.

The Vampire Diaries story surrounds Elena, a high school girl who's just lost her parents. She deals with her grief by a) writing compulsively in her diary, and b) visiting their grave site. At the cemetery she meets drop-dead gorgeous Stefan. (Well, you got the "dead" part right, anyway.) Stefan is a vampire who falls for Elena – she reminds him of a love he once had. But can he resist the urge? Tonight's new series definitely has the slick look and feel of Twilight. But here's the very best part. It's on every week. No waiting months and months for the next one! We are sooooo going to watch.

Moving on, it hasn't even been a whole year since Whitney Port and her Australian boyfriend, Jay Lyon, broke up on MTV's reality show, The City. After spinning off The Hills and landing her own reality show late last year, Whitney made a go of it in the Big Apple as a PR director.

But more than her big city job, it was the big city drama that kept us glued to our sets! Who can forget all that awkward squabbling between Whitney's BF Jay and her frenemy, Olivia? Loved it!

So now, with season one ending in the "big break-up" - what will happen when The City returns on September 29th? One thing is certain...Jay is back. But probably not for long. On her website, Whitney says, "My line (clothing line Whitney Eve) is the major focus in my life right now, my true love." Hmm. So maybe less boy drama this season.

Wishing Olivia was leaving the show? Nope, she's got herself a new job at Elle and if we've learned anything about Olivia from season one, we're guessing she doesn't quite get along with her new coworkers. Oh and new BFF alert, Whitney is looping in one of her friends from L.A., Roxy (pictured on the right) for this season. Yippee.

Speaking of drama, anyone out there waiting with baited breath for the return of Lincoln Heights on ABC Family??? Um, that would be us!

Well, the wait is over this Monday, September 14th (8 p.m.). In this gritty, down-to-earth drama, where LA cop Eddie Sutton moves his family from the suburbs to the inner-city, this season, the Suttons are faced with a huge decision: Should they stay, or should they go?

"[Moving out of the city is] very much a possibility," Russell Hornsby, who plays Eddie Sutton told E! Online over the summer. "There was a big earthquake in the season finale," said Nicki Micheaux (mom Jenn Sutton). "So we're waiting on our FEMA money so we can make repairs on our house, like so many people in places in the States, so the dilemma is what are we going to do? Maybe we should just move."

Now, you're gonna need to make a decision here. Or, warm up the DVR. Because to check out both Lincoln Heights and One Tree Hill, you'll need to be in two places at once. Monday, September 14th at 8 p.m is the seventh (can you believe it?) season premiere of One Tree Hill on the CW. Now, please keep up here...a lot has changed in Tree Hill.

You've got your newlyweds Luke and Peyton (and baby girl Sawyer) who left the show last season (sniff, sniff), and Brooke and Julian (who, BTW, are totally dating in real life!) trying to make the long distance thing work. Then there's Haley and Nathan who are also giving the long-distance thing a go. But complications? Drama? It's all there, guys. There's Brooke's overbearing mother and Julian's Hollywood career and Haley's sister Quinn showing up out of the blue and Nathan's agent Clay (Robert Buckley) making waves.

Oh, and that's not even half the drama going down in Tree Hill. Someone's actually dying and someone else is a complete train wreck waiting to happen. But just tune in 'cuz we can't give everything away now, can we?

But when OTH is over, don't even think about changing the channel! Monday nights are the night to get stuck on the CW! After OTH, you have the show half the country is head-over-Manolo's for: Gossip Girl! Season three begins on Monday, September 14th (at 9 p.m.). We could fill you in on all things GG, but the CW has already put together a way fun, "virtual apartment" with everything you need to know to get you caught up with these Manhattan socialites. You can click around the apt and check it out for yourselves right here.%Poll-34291%%Gallery-72448%


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