Spore Hero Exclusive Game Video

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JSYK UPDATE: See for the first time the enemy 'Zarkhator', arch enemy in the video game, Spore Hero.

Here we go - time to save the world - again. Spore Hero, made exclusively for the Wii by Electronic Arts, is a new action-adventure video game that empowers you to become a hero as you embark on an epic quest to save your creature's home planet from destruction. Spore Hero is based on the original Spore that came out on PC last year. See the cinematic opening scene of the game:

Players will engage in challenging battles and solve puzzles to collect and unlock more than 250 new creature parts, all with unique abilities. With your Wii Remote you can spit poison, throw fire spikes, dive bomb, and bite enemies - yummy. Players will use their brawling skills in a dynamic multiplayer mode, where you battle your friends with your customized creature to become the 'baddest' Spore hero around. Spore Hero's rated E10+ and is set to hit stores October 6 on Nintendo Wii systems.


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