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Honor Society has made quite a name for themselves in a very short time. After being signed to the Jonas Brothers' record label, Rolling Stone deemed the New Jersey natives one of the six bands to watch at the Bamboozle Festival, where they rocked out in May. The pop rock four-piece were asked to perform at the Miss Teen USA pageant this summer, and then scored songs on two soundtracks. The band covered The Cars' 'Magic' for the Wizards of Waverly Place soundtrack and their song "Where Are You Now' was picked as the lead single for the movie Bandslam. Oh, and they also opened for the Jo Bros on their 2009 World Tour!

Just days after the release of their debut album Fashionably Late, Honor Society sat down with us to talk about their band name, their influences and, of course, the Jonas Brothers.

JSYK: How did you come up with your band name? Did you guys do well in school?

HS: Andrew came up with the name. We wanted a name that could include our fans, as a shared experience. We had a few other band names in the past that didn't fit who we are, so when Andrew said "Honor Society" we just knew it was perfect. And yes, we were all great students as well.

JSYK: Who are your biggest influences?

HS: We all have many influences in the band that range from many genres. Our sound comes about through this diverse palate. One strong influence for us was Michael Jackson. He was iconic and his music was inspiring to all of us. Prince is another strong influence that can be found in our writing style, as well as Stevie Wonder. There are also rock influences like Led Zeppelin and current hip-hop artists such as Kanye West.

JSYK: What can we expect out of your debut album?

HS: You can expect to hear many of the influences above in our music, but told through our own perspective. We write songs from the heart, and take our time writing lyrics to tell a story. There are lots of harmonies throughout the record, and the music combines funky pop/rock with an R&B flair. It is the album we have always wanted to put out.

Was it been intimidating opening up for the Jonas Brothers?

HS: Opening for the Jonas Brothers has been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. We are so thankful to the Jonas Brothers for inviting us on tour and welcoming us with open arms. They have given us guidance and many opportunities that most opening bands don't get.

JSYK: How did you foster your relationship with the Jonas Brothers?

HS: Alexander went to school with Kevin Jonas in New Jersey. In May of last year, we recorded some demos, which made their way into the hands of Nick, Joe and Kevin. They liked what they heard and from there we struck up a friendship that led to a musical and business partnership.

JSYK: Being from New Jersey, what was your experience at this year's Bamboozle Festival like?

HS: Bamboozle was a lot of fun for us -- it felt like we had come back home and were playing for our old friends. It was raining during our set, but we powered through the songs. The crowd reaction was amazing. It was our first festival show, so it was cool to see people crowd surfing and jamming to the music outside. It was awesome. After that performance Rolling Stone mentioned us as a "Breakout Artist".

JSYK: Are there any Honor Society/Jonas Brothers collaborations in the works?

HS: On our debut album, there are a few songs that we wrote with the Jonas Brothers. They have been amazing musical partners and incredible supporters of our career.

JSYK: What sets Honor Society apart from other bands out there today?

HS: One thing that sets us apart from other bands is our relationship with our fans. From the beginning when we started this band we always wanted to stay connected to our fans personally, and let them be apart of our music and our lives. Through online communities like MySpace and now YouTube and Twitter we have been able to stay connected and build a fanbase that we feel closely connected to. It is an incredible journey we are on and we could not have gotten here without them.


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