Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga for the Wii - See the trailer

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For the first time on the home console, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga will be available on Nintendo Wii on September 29, 2009. Originally on PSP, Valhalla Knights is all about dragonslaying, magnificent heroes weilding broad swords and horrifying monsters all wrapped up in a world in chaos and danger.

Get a look at the dragons and monsters and general gameplay in the trailer:

You become the character of Ophelia, the calm elf who fights to protect her home and is known for her "intelligence"; our Hero known for his "vitality", or the mysterious Black Knight.

The story goes that the land of Eldar is fillled with anarchy, chaos and destruction where monsters and demons reign and attack all that's good.

Out of this a "Spirit King" arises to defeat the creatures and restore Eldar.

And according to general definitions, Valhalla comes from an old Norse myth and describes the great hall of Odin where warriors who die in battle dwell eternally.

Find out more Valhalla Knights game info here.


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