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Spice up those school notebooks with this cool technology called Snapily. What does it do? Just check out the photo's a pic of the same notebook, just at different angles! First, you pick from one of twelve different notebook designs, then pick two pictures you love, choose what kind of effect you want and snap, it's done!

Choose from 3D, Flips and Morph. 3D gives your pic depth, Morph takes two pics and makes it look like they're changing into each other and Flip lets you change between two pics. And a new option, coming soon, allows you put a video onto your notebook cover! It all happens as you move the item back and forth. You have to check out the demos at If you like 'em, we've got discount codes to make your cool creation for less...

Use these discount codes:

SNBTS20OFF - 20% off on all orders over $20 (only for Back-to-School products)
SNGEN20OFF - 20% off on all orders over $20
SNBTSFREENB - Free small notebook on orders over $25 (Back-to-School promo)
SNGEN5OFF - 5$ off on all orders over $25
SNFREECARD - Free flat card, pay only for S&H


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