A JSYK Film (Trailer) Festival!

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Pop some popcorn and grab a soft drink because these awesome flicks may be "coming soon to a theater near you," but we've got the slick, new trailers right HERE and right NOW! Pull up a comfy chair and check 'em out!

Whip It (Oct. 2nd)
Though it already premiered for lucky A-listers at the Toronto Film Festival, the rest us still have to wait until October 2nd to catch the truly adorable Drew Barrymore's first evuh shot at feature film directing.

Yes, we're talking about Whip It, starring the also truly adorable actress Ellen Page (Juno) as a rebellious teen who finds everything she's been looking for in life when she joins a women's roller derby team in Austin, Texas. Sadly, we couldn't make it to Toronto, but we read the movie reviews and now we're even more psyched! "[Drew's] definitely got talent, a voice worth listening to, and Whip It is pretty fun to boot!" raved HitFix.com.

Where the Wild Things Are
(Oct. 16th)
Waiting for this movie's release has kids, teens - even adults - wild with anticipation! The book – Where the Wild Things Are – a Maurice Sendak classic, is such a widely adored storybook, even President Obama has claimed it as his fave. (Sendak reportedly sent the Prez a signed copy after hearing that.)

Newcomer Max Records is totally awesome as title character "Max" in the movie – in fact, both the film's director and the book's author felt he was the perfect choice (out of the thousands of boys who auditioned) to play Max.

But here's something cool to think about: with all the hoopla surrounding this book (and now, this film) would it surprise you to know that the story is only ten sentences long?!? It's true! Be interesting to see how they turn it into a full-length feature film! Even the trailer is longer...

Cirque du Freak: Vampire's Assistant
(Oct. 23rd)
Okay, take everything you know about vampires...and forget it. Now you're ready to see this movie.

All kidding aside, CDF:VA is not your normal vampire movie. The vampires here a little different than your run-of-the-mill Twilight or Vampire Diaries bloodsuckers. In fact, they even suck blood differently.

And CDF:VA is not a comedy. It's more of a drama/action/thriller with a little "comedy light" tossed in. It's the story of a sixteen year old named Darren who sees a traveling freak show (Cirque du Freak) and gets "recruited" by some vampires. Based on the first three books of a twelve-book series, Vampire's Assistant stars Reilly, and Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura).

Astro Boy
(Oct. 23)
He may be young, but Freddie Highmore is no Hollywood newcomer - having been in both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Spiderwick Chronicles. Freddie provides the voice for Astro Boy, a young robot boy with awesome powers in this high-tech, animated film based on Osamu Tezuka's mega-hit comic series.

Astro Boy is created by a genius scientist then sent into futuristic Mexico City to battle evil robot gladiators. It's do or die as he fights to save the city AND reconcile with the dad who gave him up. Moises Arias (Hannah Montana) is the voice of Zane and Kristen Bell (Heroes) is the voice of Cora.

New Moon
(Nov. 20)
What can we possibly tell you about this movie that you don't already know?

Three trailers have already been released to the adoring public, and we've had plenty of glimpses into Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black's love-triangle storyline in the second book in the Twilight saga.

If you read the books, you probably already know how it goes: the birthday party with the papercut...the dramatic break-up...Jacob turns into a wolf...the Volturi vampires...Bella's trip to Italy...and that was just the first trailer. Check out the latest one below.

You can't wait though, right? Well, on October 6th, the official New Moon illustrated movie companion will be released. In it, fans get a behind-the-scenes look at the film with the entire cast and crew. With full-color pics of the set and its locations in Vancouver and "never-before-seen" images, the book will also include exclusive interviews with the cast.



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