Allie Trimm: Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway!

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She was super sad when the Broadway show she was starring in last year – 13 – closed. (And OMG, why did it close? It was sooo good?!?) But almost fifteen-year-old Allie Trimm kept her hopes up anyhow. And good thing she did because only a few months later, Allie got the call that would have her re-packing her bags and moving again from San Diego to NYC: How would she like to star in the Broadway revival of the hit musical, Bye Bye Birdie?

Well, DUH!

BBB takes place in 1960 when a young rock star (Conrad Birdie) is drafted into the Army. Before he leaves, his manager Albert comes up with a plan to find Conrad's biggest fan - a small-town girl - who'll give him "one last kiss" before leaving for the Army. In a big publicity stunt Conrad will kiss the girl, make hit record called "One Last Kiss," and make Albert a very rich man.

"At first I was really nervous..."Allie told about meeting and working with ("Uncle Jesse" from Full House!) John Stamos. "I've never worked with or even met with celebrities," she said.

"But John Stamos and Gina Gershon [who play Albert and Rosie in the show] are so down to earth."

Allie's pretty down to earth, herself. Though that was not always the case. As a toddler, she was a little more, uh, high maintenance. The way she tells it, she once had a major melt down at her aunt's wedding, when the band didn't know the music for the song from Titanic that she wanted to sing. (Okay, she was only three.)

But seriously. Today, Allie is truly the furthest thing from a diva. She's totally friendly and way cool (judging from the fun posts on her Twitter page, @allietrimm) and when you hear her sing, you'll know why all of Broadway is abuzz over this "freckle-faced charmer," (Time Out NY Kids) whose BBB character – Kim MacAfee - is the lucky girl who wins that "one last kiss" from Conrad Birdie, played by the VERY hot Nolan Gerard Funk, who you may remember from Nickelodeon's movie Spectacular! last year. (Major hearththrob alert, BTW...)

So for now, Allie Trimm remains focused on one thing: making that "one last kiss" perfection on opening night October 15th. Good luck, Allie!


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