Miley Cyrus: Loves Twitter, Hopefully Feeling Better

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If you follow Miley Cyrus on Twitter then you might have thought something was up yesterday. After several tweets about strep throat and not feeling very well, we talked to Mitchel Musso who told us that Miley went to the ER yesterday morning!

Click here for all the details - sounds like Miley is feeling better.

If you're an @mileycyrus follower, you also know her touring schedule is crazy (and maybe to blame for her getting sick). And that a day doesn't go by where she doesn't tweet for Daddy, or Mommy Tish, or Brandi, or "Noie," or Trace. And she tweets about food. A lot. Like BBQ chicken and dumplings. And cupcakes. And Spaghetti-Os.

Though this almost 17-year-old is well in command of an insanely crazy/busy, multi-city, sold-out world tour, has a #1 song on the charts, a hit album and TV show, and a movie coming out in a few months..... in spite of all this "grown-up" kind of stuff...Miley Cyrus is still just a kid at heart!

Last week, the superteen took time off from her "Wonder World" tour to chat with the Associated Press about what it's like to be a teen with so much stuff going on. Miley dished about her success with that #1 hit, "The Climb", her new EP, 'The Time of Our Lives', and, of course, her love affair with Twitter!

"One of the reasons why I love that site," she said, "is being able to see what people are saying about the record. On my Twitter, (I get) so many replies like 'This song inspires me' and 'This inspires me.'"

In April, 2010, we'll see Miley in The Last Song, a film about a rebellious teen who is sent to live with her father. It's a far cry from her Hannah Montana storyline. "It is just showing more of a side that I want to show," Miley told AP. "I love doing "Hannah Montana," but I want to continue doing things that are a little bit more darker roles. That is kind of who I am and where I find most of my inspiration in movies like that."

Kind of like her "Wonder World" tour – you won't find Hannah anywhere on case you were looking. "Yeah, it is my tour," she told AP. "The first time I was actually going out, no "Hannah Montana," none of that. Just my own style."

It's true. The show is raw Miley and she's just awesome! But let's face facts here, people: Off stage, it's another story. In Miley's "real-life," a little Hannah Montana silliness sometimes creeps in unexpectedly. And she has a face that matches her cupcake to prove it. :)


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