The 'True Secrets of High School' Revealed

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In today's Teen Ink pick, Raven D. from Hull, MA writes about what it's like to go from middle school to high school.

On the day of freshman orientation, when I visited my new high school for the first time, I almost had a nervous breakdown. Everything about the school seemed so difficult. When I got home, my parents said, "You're nervous and that's okay. Everyone is afraid of high school." I denied it. I wanted to be strong, so I refused to let anyone know about my fear, even my closest friends..

On the first day I was late for every class and was constantly lost. The school seemed like a puzzle that I couldn't figure out. Was this how the whole year was going to be? I didn't think I could rise to this challenge, especially carrying a huge backpack that I could barely lift. It was so big that I could knock someone out with it! The upperclassmen seemed to peg me as a nerd, and they were probably right.

Despite my fears, after the first week I finally had my schedule figured out. With the exception of falling up and down the stairs a couple of times and getting laughed at, high school was turning out to be not so bad. It was actually much better than middle school and much more challenging.

Since then, I've been elected vice president of my class (which wasn't much of a triumph since only three people ran for the four positions). Even so, I am a representative of my grade, a politico in training, which makes me proud.

So, for any incoming freshmen out there reading this article right now, I would like to let you in on a couple of secrets. Shh! You must promise not to tell, okay?

It is normal to be scared about a new school. Take a deep breath and relax. High school is something that any student – and I repeat, any student – can overcome. Make sure you participate in some extracurricular activities because you'll find it easier to make friends (and to get into college). Strive to do your best, even if it isn't straight A's.

Most important of all, be who you are, whether you're a nerd, an athlete, or a drama geek. Don't try to masquerade as someone you're not (trust me, it doesn't work). Now you know the true secrets of high school.

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