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Mitchel Musso
doesn't like Halloween or scary movies, but he likes Lil Wayne.

He also likes tweeting more than texting and at any given moment, you'll find him hanging out with Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment or the guys from Metro Station.

We learned all of this while chatting with Mitchel last week about his new video for 'Shout It.' We also talked about his girlfriend, the girls at his shows, and how the two don't necessarily go together.

Here's how our conversation went, minus the hellos and goodbyes.

How was your summer tour?

Mitchel: Awesome. Phenomenal. Wild. My first headlining tour, first debut album, first time out there (even though it wasn't my first time out there) and I got to tour with my older brother, Mason and Metro Station. It was bomb. It was a lot of fun. The kids were crazy, we were playing all the venues I wanted to play like House of Blues, The Fillmore, those old rock venues. Huge. It was so much fun every night.

Do you have a favorite memory from the road?

Just every night. I really don't have a favorite city or a favorite state. Just every night being able to play with everybody was awesome. And I love my band. Just playing music all together, you know what I mean? Playing rock shows is always good.

We just posted the video for 'Shout It'...what is the song all about?

It was written by me and my older brother, Mason, because he had that hit, 'Shake It'...Metro Station had 'Shake It.' So we figured, 'Shout It,' made sense. If you listen to the song, he does all the background vocals, he sings in it. He's not in the video, but he definitely sings in it. And the whole song is about letting it out. Kind of like my life, seeing girls at shows...you know, pretty girls at shows. The whole thing is about this girl who comes to the show and she's at every one of my shows and she's always there and I always see her and I guess I just got this thing for her that makes me want to shout it out.
The whole thing is just letting it out and telling people how you feel about it. It's a cool message overall and it's a cool music video because it's very 'real life.' We just had a camera guy follow us around, I was like, 'I just want a camera guy to follow me around for four days of me playing shows and of what I do doing the tour and hang out with the fans and just being me.' It was very real and not one piece of it was scripted and I really enjoyed the outcome.

So is there really one girl that is at every show?
[Laughs] Uh, there's a couple of them, for sure. We've got a couple who have literally come to every show. I see you at "row sixteen, section three," is one of the verses and a lot of times the kids will come up with a sign that says literally, row sixteen, section three. So I end up finding that girl every night for sure.

But you don't have that girl yet?

No, not necessarily. Not yet. There's a couple I'm looking at, but not yet.

Miley Cyrus just tweeted a link to your video...

She just texted me. We've been texting back and forth. She was a little sick this morning, she went to the ER and stuff so I'm gonna go see her right after I'm done filming.

Do you tweet more or text more?

I tweet a lot. I text a little bit, but I only text very few people, do you know what I mean? There are like four people: my best friend, my girlfriend, my brother...

So there is a girlfriend?

Oh yeah! Oh, I have a girlfriend, I just don't have that fan girlfriend. I have a stable girlfriend for sure, for like the past like nine months. Her name is Gia, Gia Mantegna.

What's up next?

Right now I'm focusing on music and writing more music and the tour is gonna keep going around, we've got Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Chicago Festival of Lights. Other than that, there's a couple of TV things in the works, but I'm not really allowed to talk about it right now.

So the other half of Loliver,
Emily Osment, has an EP coming out. Have you heard it yet? Did you give her advice on recording an album?

I didn't give her any advice, but I have heard a couple of her songs. She's actually like right next to me. She's ten feet away from me right now, it's hilarious. We're shooting a New Year's thing.

Awesome! We talked to her a couple weeks ago...

Yeah, we love her. I love her. She's like a little sister to me. She's bomb. She has a phenomenal voice, I really can't wait for the album to drop.

So you make music, but what music do you like to listen to?

You know, I listen to everything from Elton John to Lil Wayne, seriously. I like all the elements of music. Every genre from classical to rap to hip hop, R&B, electro, dance, rock, it really doesn't matter. I can't play all that, but I like listening to music like that. So it's really difficult, at least as far as what I wanted to play. I try to add all elements of music to be completely honest with you because that's truthfully what I listen to.

Last question, any Halloween plans? Parties?

Um, not necessarily. And I hate dressing up. I don't know. I've been one of those kind of kids my whole life, I never did the whole, dress up, go scare people thing, I'm not really the scary kind of guy...I also don't really like scary movies in general. So I like to sit home and pretend it's Christmas when it's Halloween [laughs].



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