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We chatted on Wednesday with the lovely (and apparently very talented) Josie Loren, star of ABC Family's Make It Or Break It. Read on to learn all about her character on the show, Kaylie, her favorite sandwich (it's peanut butter and banana) and what she's dressing up as for Halloween. Hint: there's a leotard involved.

JSYK: Did you do gymnastics or other sports when you were a kid?

osie: I did gymnastics when I was younger. That's the sport I excelled in when I was little, but I was only really good at the floor. I didn't really care for anything else and I wasn't really good at anything else. But I became a competitive cheerleader and was a tumbler for my squad. We did ESPN competitions and traveled a lot, Nationals, stuff like that. And then I stopped doing that. It was so stressful, so time consuming. And then I danced at a studio. I kinda got the best of both worlds I feel.

Can you still do any tumbling?

Yeah, I can still tumble and do basic things, but they don't let me do much on the show just because they try to protect us as much as possible. They don't want us getting hurt. But when I'm alone in the gym, I'll do some basic things just to keep it up.

Are you really friends off-set with the other MIOBI girls?

Yeah, we really are. We all get along really well luckily. Honestly, it's like going to work with some of your best friends. To be honest, I was nervous when I booked this show, like, 'Oh God, four girls leads, that's a disaster waiting to happen.'
But luckily we all get along so well and I think it's just because we're all really, really different. We each have our own unique personalities, our own unique styles. And I think that's what brings us together. We hang out off-set all the time. They know what's going on in my personal life, I go to them for advice, they do to me, we're friends.

Congrats on being National champ! Did you know that was going to happen?

I didn't. I really didn't. I was a little afraid, I wasn't sure where Kaylie was going. I think around the sixth episode I went on a walk with the executive producer during lunch and I was like, 'Please give me something, some information, tell me where's she's going, tell me what's going to happen.' And all she told me was, 'You'll be pleased.' But other than that, I had no idea that that was going to happen. That was a pleasant surprise.

So you really just opened up the script?

Well they usually keep everything really, really hush hush. We don't know what's going to happen pretty much until we get the script. But the stunt coordinator came to my trailer during the eighth episode and he knocked on my door and I opened and he was like, 'Did you hear? You're the National champion!' And I was like, "Oh God, don't tell anybody that you told me that because I'm pretty sure you'll get in trouble.'

What would you be doing if it wasn't acting?

I go to UCLA, so I would be finishing my education, probably going to grad school. I enjoy that. I've kinda thought about it, if I wasn't acting or if it doesn't work out within the next few years, probably going to law school.

What are you studying?

I have a mass media communications major and Spanish minor.

Do you have Halloween plans yet?

I haven't decided what I'm going to do on Halloween, but I do know what I'm going to be on Halloween. A ladybug. I'm going to be a ladybug. It's so cute. I have a costume and it's adorable so I'm really excited. But unfortunately, the costume is leotard and I know that come Halloween, I'm going to be sick of being in a leotard again, but it's okay. I'll make the sacrifice for cuteness.

What is something we don't know about you?

Well, my favorite sandwich, this I haven't told any other magazine, is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I could live off those. Oh, also, I don't write in print. I only write cursive. I can't write print. I have a diary for Kaylie actually that I keep while I'm shooting. And I keep a journal. I don't write in it everyday, but I do like to write about it as much as possible.

Do you do that just to get inside Kaylie's head?

Yeah, if I have a scene with my mom, I'll write about her. it's kind of just to explore her more.

We're imagining pages of doodles that say 'Carter sucks'
(Carter, played by Zach Burr Abel, is Kaylie's boyfriend on the show who cheated on her).

I can't doodle! That's another thing. Growing up, girls all around me in class would doodle and make their folders - all really pretty with hearts and fairies and stuff. And mine didn't work out.

Josie Loren, not a doodler. Good to know.

No, not a doodler. At least I tried, but it never really worked.

Watch our interview with Josie and Zach


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