Road Report: The Sunstreak Tour High Schools Around the Nation

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The Sunstreak is currently on the road, performing at high schools around the country, in support of their new album, Once Upon a Lie. The Rochester-based five-piece will be checking in from their U.S. tour with details about their appearances, including cool personal photos chronicling their adventures! Once Upon a Lie is available online and in stores now.

Yo bloggin' world! David here, reporting on behalf of us original Streakers on tour :)

Our album is officially in stores everywhere now, and we recently kicked off a nationwide tour of schools, radio stations and various shopping malls in order to spread awareness about our new album, as well as our debut radio single, 'Until I Met You.'
Today we are in Portland, Maine hanging out at a record store called The Bull Moose. We were at Freeport Middle School this morning and played some songs for the kids there. It was awesome, needless to say! We had some interesting questions thrown at us, such as "How many deer have you hit with your van?" and "Do you guys drive pimped out whips?" Obviously they didn't spot our pimped out white van/trailer in their parking lot ;) It's pretty fancy pants, and no we have not hit any Bambi's yet. Here's hoping it stays that way!
Also I'm curious if Maine has bears in their wooded wild wilderness? I think they do... All of us have been arguing and making bets on whether or not we would spot one. I personally look forward to seeing my first wild bear on tour. I mean, so what if I have a jar of honey waiting for him? I love me some wildlife.

Welp, that's pretty much our day so far. Time to go hit the malls and hand out flyers to unassuming and soon-to-be Streakers! So, if you see a clan of leather jackets and tight grey jeans coming your way, BE READY TO GET STREAKED! We'll catch up tomorrow in Boston. Peace out, bloggers!

- David and the Sunstreak

Watch the 'Until I Met You' Video


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