Road Report: The Sunstreak Meet 'Awesome' Kids in Providence

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The Sunstreak is currently on the road, performing at high schools around the country, in support of their new album, Once Upon a Lie. The Rochester-based five-piece will be checking in from their U.S. tour with details about their appearances, including cool personal photos chronicling their adventures! Once Upon a Lie is available online and in stores now.

Hey, Streakers of the electronic world. This is Jack, guitar player of The Sunstreak, reporting in to tell you about the very exciting Day 3 that started in Providence, Rhode Island at the Kickemuit Middle School, and let me tell you, these kids were awesome.

The 8th graders had a separate assembly from the 6th and 7th graders, and I'm having a tough time deciding which group was better. Look at this packed house I got on camera of grade 6 & 7.

Next was a live webcast on Kiss108 FM and College Week Live. CWL had us do this "108-second" quickfire Q&A, and I found out Dave worked on a horse farm for his first job. The crew working the cameras were hilar! Thanks, Seventeen, and a big thank you to everyone who sent in questions during the performance.

We're currently on our way into Boston to play a special show for this kid named Kevin who won the "We Play At Your House" contest. Hmm ... anyone want us to have another one of those contests???

Right now, in the van on the way, our surrogate fifth member in lieu of Gary is trying to help his friend place the best bets on the upcoming football weekend in my ear. Concurrently, we're all enjoying the new 30 Seconds to Mars single.

Stay tuned tomorrow is Connecticut!!!



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