'Facebook Flirting'

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Today's Teen Ink pick is a poem by Jo-Dean S. about the disadvantages of social sites like Facebook, especially when it comes to crushes.

I see that it's easier for you
To write on my wall rather than
Talk to me face to face.
It's easier for you to flirt and chat and poke and
Find out where I've been and
Where I'm going and
Who I'm talking to.
This way you can look at
My photos, my videos, my comments,
Look at them all
And I will never know what
You saw.
You do this because it's easier for
But it's easier for me too.
Maybe I don't want to see your
Face, your real face,
Or look at you.
Maybe I don't want to do something
As simple as pick up the phone and give
You a call.
Or even a text.
Or maybe I'm just bitter because
You chat with several girls at a time
But never get back to me First
Or Last.
I'm lumped in the middle of your
Facebook Flirting.
And sometimes it hurts.
All because it's easier for you.
And me.

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