Road Report: The Sunstreak Get to Appreciate Fall In Lancaster

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The Sunstreak is currently on the road, performing at high schools around the country, in support of their new album, Once Upon a Lie. The Rochester-based five-piece will be checking in from their U.S. tour with details about their appearances, including cool personal photos chronicling their adventures! Once Upon a Lie is available online and in stores now.

Yo bloggers!

Jack from The Sunstreak reporting as we pass through my home state, so I'm doing the daily tour journal for today! We spent a better part of the day in the colorful hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The day started with the wake-up at Wal-Mart's parking lot, which we found out was apparently really dangerous at night. Thanks, rock gods for safe passage!!! We got cleaned up at -- let me get this right -- Gary's wife's aunt's house as fast as we could.

We made the trek to Lancaster Country Day School and had our first real school cafeteria lunch with some of the kids. Then we set up our equipment as one talented girl played Pink Floyd left-handed and upside down on my guitar (very impressive, Wallace).

The kids asked some really great questions during our set. My congrats to Dr. Trout and his kids for being so interesting. I guess this school was for age 3 to 12th grade?! They start young out there. Also it's worth pointing out that during our entire time in Amish country we photographed no Amish. I think doing that is a big deal to them. Isn't it? Well I'm not stirring the pot, even though I guess they'd never read this, right?

After the awesome school and fall countryside (somewhat ruined by a small service plaza), we got on the road and outta town. We stopped at the local mall and visited your local Hot Topic. Then Jason and our crew visited an old Pittsburgh friend (Xtina) and Jason got down with Ronald.

Now were on the grand road past Pittsburgh and on to Canton tomorrow. Currently, I am wrapped in Gary's Snuggie looking like a leopard-printed Jedi. And to the haters, they are warm!!!!

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