Road Report: The Sunstreak Hang Out in Gotham City

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The Sunstreak is currently on the road, performing at high schools around the country, in support of their new album, Once Upon a Lie. The Rochester-based five-piece will be checking in from their U.S. tour with details about their appearances, including cool personal photos chronicling their adventures! Once Upon a Lie is available online and in stores now.

Annnnnndddddd I'm back! What up, world? Writing you after a long weekend in Chicago, currently on our way to Indy. Chicago is always so awesome. The sites to be seen in that city are just amazing. One thing I still have yet to try is some authentic deep-dish pizza from Chicago. Can't check that one off the list yet -- next time.
To all of you movie buffs out there, [The Dark Knight] was filmed in Chicago, so pretty much we got to hang out in Gotham City for the weekend. I was really hoping that they would have the bat signal in the sky, but no! If I was mayor of Chicago, installing a bat signal would be the first thing I'd do! Here's a picture we took. Recognize it? We were right where they filmed the big car chase scene. So awesome! We were able to meet up with one of Gary's old friends from school and he had this huge dog that was half doberman, half pitbull ... such a beautiful animal. Love dogs!

The show today was different. It was at a high school radio station at Lyons Township North High School, WLTL, and we were live for about an hour. We played five songs and had an interview. Good times!

Well, almost to the next Dollar Menu, so I gotta go.


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