Road Report: The Sunstreak Play to 'Rowdy Bunch' in Cincinnati

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The Sunstreak is currently on the road, performing at high schools around the country, in support of their new album, Once Upon a Lie. The Rochester-based five-piece will be checking in from their U.S. tour with details about their appearances, including cool personal photos chronicling their adventures! Once Upon a Lie is available online and in stores now.

Before we get to our day, we have to mention an amazing video we received from a school we played last week. The school marching band at Canton South High School decided to cover our single, 'Until I Met You,' in music class. The results were magical.

Now onto to the rest of our story. We started our day today in Cincinnati, OH the same way we start everyday of this tour -- incredibly early! We first had a radio station performance at 10 a.m. for all the great people over at Q102. Joe, our comedic label rep, met us there and brought some bagels and juice to make our appearance that much better. When we got there, Grover, Katie, and the rest of the crew had made posters for us and got us a few DVDs as gifts for the long drives. We played a few songs and then they had us draw a picture for the "Artists' Drawings" that they auction off for charity. I drew dinosaur and Dave made it attack a city ... Go buy it! All and all, we had a great morning -- freaking great people down there.

We then had to make a 45-minute drive in 30 minutes to our next destination, Simon Kenton High School. We made it work; we always do. The kids there were amazing and super receptive. Most of them had our new disc, and the ones that didn't bought it right up. We played a few songs, answered a few questions and spent the rest of the time taking photos and signing whatever they threw at us. That was a rowdy bunch ... we loved it.

Our night rounded out with a stop at The Golden Corral for a very interesting dinner consisting of whatever we wanted!! One of the best things on tour is that our parents aren't around to tell us to eat our vegetables or that we can't have ice cream for dinner ... I did both!

I feel sick now though -- I should have listened to my mom.

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