Teen Ink: 'After reading Twilight, everything was different.'

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Today's Teen Ink pick is an article by xoxbabygirl123.

This may seem pathetic, but to be frank, I don't care. Twilight changed me. It gave me something I didn't have, it helped make the person I am today. You see, I moved here three years ago, and before I moved, I lived in New York. I went to one of the best private schools around, and I had never read a whole book from front to cover.

When I moved, everything changed. I enrolled in a public school, I saw fights, I heard curses, I watched kids stare at me -with detested expressions on their faces as if I was a demon- while I sauntered down the hallways, as noble as can be. It was as if I had been exiled, and I had no way to communicate with the strangers that stood before me, to them...I was just a freak, someone that was native to them, someone not worth knowing. I went through middle school with a big wake-up call attached to it, which was, "Welcome to the real world", and for the first time in all my life I read a book.

It was close after the first two years that I first read a book. I didn't think much about books at that time. I thought of it as something that needed to be tolerated. But one day I was at Barnes and Noble and all of a sudden a crowd of girls came running in. I was in the teen section at the time looking at books, bored out of my mind. The group of girls ran past me as if I wasn't even there, they reached a table with a stack of books all by the same author -the stack that I chose to ignore- and they each grabbed a book and screamed, as if their life long dreams came true right before their eyes. I watched as I felt my mouth drop open, wondering how they could project such excitement over a book. Their amount of passion made me curious and jealous all at the same time. Jealous, because I wished that I could feel the amount of excitement they felt when they saw those books. I wanted to enjoy reading, not tolerate it. I was so entertained, the erratic emotions that ran through their facial expressions seemed silly and ridiculous and I stood there and judged them... and that's when it hit me. Why should it be silly to have something to be excited about? Why is it ridiculous to jump up and down over something that you've been waiting for, even if it's only a book?

I didn't like myself. I didn't like the way I felt when I saw those girls jumping up and down. I felt left out, and annoyed that I let myself go on the way I did. The next day I bought the book those girls were screaming about, I bought Twilight. It took me two in a half days to read a three hundred paged book; my first book. I couldn't stop, it was like a drug! The emotions I felt just by reading a sentence was amazing! I felt anger, joy, aggravation and more, they were all there inside me, as if I was part of the scenario! I was oblivious at the time at how everything else in my life suddenly became inconsequential to me.

From that day on, I read. I read the rest of the Twilight Saga, and after that I never stopped. I was always reading, always entertained. After reading Twilight, everything was different. Twilight not only opened a door that no other book or person ever could, but it showed me that I have a passion for something. Twilight showed me why I was so miserable all the time. It was because I love to read, and I love to write, and I never acknowledged it. My passion is for reading and writing. I write poems and stories, and quote me if you want, because I will one day be a famous author. Without reading, my vocabulary would not be as advanced as it is, and I believe that a good book is extremely descriptive, without vocabulary description can be very hard. So yes, I owe a lot to Stephenie Meyer, because her amazing, emotional, romantic books changed me, and helped me find my passion. Twilight will always hold a permanence in my heart and life, as if I wrote it myself.

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