JSYK's Review of 'New Moon'

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Have you seen it? Here are our thoughts on the second film in the Twilight saga.

New Moon was a surprise on many levels. First off, the quality of the film was sooo much better than the first - this trickles down through every last detail, the shots were beautiful and the special effects were clean. The new director clearly had a vision and part of that vision was improving the overall quality of the film.

There was buzz around how they'd handle the fact that Edward is NOT a primary character in the book. He was missed, don't get us wrong, but we didn't sit there dwelling on it. And it was actually nice watching Jacob and Bella's relationship develop. We actually found ourselves rooting for him, over Edward, several times. And let's talk about Jacob for a second ... he stepped up and really fleshed out his character, and yes that was even evident in his body. Let us just say, 'WOW!' His performance and physical appearance had lots of girls questioning their loyalties to Team Edward. There was nothing but screaming every time he was on screen shirtless.

The return of Edward and Italy shots were beautifully done, and we were way impressed with Dakota Fanning's Jane. All in all, 'it was a wonderful step in the right direction for the series and we can't wait to see what they do with our favorite book of the four, Eclipse.


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