'New Moon' Fans Attack Edward and Jacob (Cutouts)

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You might think that hardcore New Moon fans went to see the movie at midnight. But the really, really hardcore fans actually went to the movie at 9:30 p.m. last night.

Fans who bought $50 or more of Nordstrom BP merchandise at select Nordstroms across the country during the last month got a ticket to an advanced screening of the flick last night BEFORE the midnight showing.

Were you one of the savvy shoppers?

We hit up the Tyson's Corner screening outside of Washington, D.C. where over 4,000 tickets were sold for Thursday night and we brought along our Nordstrom cardboard cutouts of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black to see what fans would do when they ran into them in the theater lobby.

Check out the hilarity that ensued in the video below - and fan reactions to the film. Let's just say that Edward and Jacob cutouts + a few hundred Twilight fans = a pretty funny night at the movies.

Want a cutout of your own? Check out all the Nordstrom New Moon merchandise (including Forks High School graphic tees) at Nordstrom.com.


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