Teen Ink: 'Four Million ­Raindrops'

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Today's Teen Ink pick is a poem by ButterflyKisses from Norwich, Canada. We think it's about a first kiss. What do you think?

It was raining.
No – it was pouring.
Liters of water,
Dropping from the sky.
It was pitch black,
So I couldn't tell you
If there was a cloud or two.

It was just me and him
And four million raindrops.
If the sun had been shining,
I'm sure there would have been
A pretty rainbow.
No worries,
Just me and him
And four hundred puddles.
Fingers entwined,
And noses wet,
Rain gluing the hair
To our heads.

My favorite weather
For no other reason.
Tears of joy,
Roll down our cheeks.
I know they are tears,
Because the water tastes salty
Compared to the acid rain.

It's like everything
Just stops.
Except our hearts
Which are beating
Under our thick sweaters.
It's freezing cold,
And here we are,
Just me and him
And four million raindrops.

No lightning,
No thunder.
Just the pitter-patter
Of the pure liquid drops.
Fresh air,
Warm cheeks,
Cold toes,
And just me and him ...
And four million raindrops.

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