'Tis The Season For A Snuggie?

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It's just a big fleece blanket with sleeves, but Snuggies are getting more popular now that winter and the flu season are in full force.

Not only do they now come in animal prints, tie-dyes, pink and camoflauge, but more and more celebrities are jumping on the Snuggie bandwagon.

Radio Disney star Savvy (Savvy & Mandy) had custom Snuggies made for her birthday party this summer. Here's Samantha Droke (Princess Protection Program) tugging at Savvy's Snuggie.

And Miley Cyrus, the hardest-working teen in show business, relied on the great healing powers of the Snuggie after her trip to the ER with severe strep throat. As she was recovering, she tweeted, "I just put on a Snuggie and ate a popsicle." That was before she deleted her Twitter account.

Miley's fellow Disney Channel pal Debby Ryan also has one. Last month she cuddled up in her Snuggie after a cold and tweeted: "I love Snuggies because they're ridiculous. It's definitely a backwards robe." But as ridiculous as they might be, Debby is still into them, especially the new Zebra print Snuggies.

And if you were wondering if Snuggies made good road trip companions, they definitely do, according to the guys in Honor Society.The band made a video blog before their tour this summer and couldn't wait to talk about the Snuggie.

"Yes, the Snuggies will come on the road with us this summer," said Andy Lee. Bandmember Michael Bruno asked, "Is one Snuggie good for a whole summer?" And Andy added, "It's hard to relax, stay warm and do work all at the same time without one." Hmm, were they secretly making a Snuggie infomercial?

With all the celebrity Snuggie love, we're left wondering, what's next? Snuggies for pets? Actually, yes. LOL. Snuggies for dogs are available now (seriously). And, well...they are kind of cute...%Poll-37282%


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