New Moon Magazine Overload

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Since we last posted this gallery, three new mags have come out. We decided to update. Enjoy!

We've done the math, and if you bought every magazine with a New Moon star on the cover right now, you'd spend a whopping $39.42. That's like three tickets to go see the movie and the soundtrack on iTunes!

With so many cool interviews and photos of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, we had to check the magazines out for ourselves and see which were worth their pricetag and which ones...sucked (pardon our vampire pun).

We decided we'd go through each one and pick the best and worst parts and rate it on a scale of 0-5 vials of blood. Five vials of blood being the very best.

Check out the magazines in the gallery below. Make sure to click the 'Fullscreen View' button in the bottom corner of the gallery to see the photos as large as possible!,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=771995&pid=771994&uts=1257983939

New Moon Magazine Overload

Price: $4.99
Main character: Rob

Sneak peek: Not since Leo, circa Titanic, has a young actor been so aggressively beloved by 13-year-old girls worldwide. But rather than working his way through supermodels, Pattinson, who's been living out of three suitcases for the past year, has been feeling overwhelmed, self-conscious, and guilty. "I'm trying not to drown," he says in his hotel room at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel, which is littered today with beer bottles, old scrambled eggs, a half-eaten Twix bar, and a dirty pair of jeans on the living-room floor. And he notices his unmade bed, "Oh, God." Sorry about that."

Cool parts: Finally, a candid interview with Rob. Plus there are 13 gorgeous photos of him.

Lame parts: He's smoking in a bunch of the picks (really lame) and the rest of the magazine is a snooze.

JSYK rating: 3 out of 5 vials of blood.

For the serious Pattinson fans only.

Jenna von Elling, AOL

Main character: Kristen

Sneak peek: Kristen Stewart is rattled. Late for an interview (an hour and a half, to be precise), her hair a little dirty and a little matted, she runs into the tearoom of the Hotel Bel-Air as though she's fled a street riot. And in a way, she has. "OK, this is beyond the limits of acceptability," Stewart says. "I am completely and totally and unacceptably late."

Cool parts: Kristen really opens up about life with the paparazzi and bloggers and she looks beautiful in the photos wearing a Rodarte designer dress. And there's also a cool timeline of her career (we totally forgot about 'Catch That Kid'!).

Lame parts: There are only 2 new shots of Kristen. And all the fashion in the rest of the mag is way above our budget.

JSYK rating: 3 out of 5 vials of blood.

If you want to know the real Kristen Stewart, this is the best feature article we've seen so far.

Jenna von Elling, AOL

Main character: Everyone

Sneak peek: Girls pile up behind barricades by the thousands for the chance to gaze into his brooding green eyes - and on more than one occasion, Robert Pattinson has denied requests to sink his teeth into their necks. But for the first two months of Twilight's production, the brooding English actor was desperately failing to attract the one girl whose attention he most craved: Kristen Stewart. "I thought to myself, because she's so serious, I've got to be really serious," the actor recalls. "I felt like an idiot just following her around saying, 'You really should read some Zola, and there's this amazing Truffaut movie.'" Stewart was not impressed, he says. "She started calling me on things. 'Have you actually watched this movie? Yeah? What's it about?'"

Cool parts: The entire issue is about New Moon! There are tons of pics and there's also a quiz and tour of the real-life sites used in Forks, WA. Almost every actor in Twilight gets a page about them and we REALLY love the fashion spreads on Kristen, Rob and Taylor's personal style.

Lame parts: We can't really think of any.

JSYK rating: 5 out of 5 vials of blood.

For just under $5, this is our favorite of the magazines. We loved the childhood photos of Rob and Taylor and read the entire mag from cover to cover.

Jenna von Elling, AOL

Main character: Rob & Kristen

Sneak peek: Throughout their relationship, Rob and Kristen have faced their share of challenges. Most recently, Kristen - who just months ago ended her long-term romance with actor Michael Angarano - feared that she and Rob were headed toward the alter much too quickly. "Rob was talking marriage," a friend of the couple tells OK!, "and while at 23, he might be ready to walk down the aisle, 19-year-old Kris has a lot more living to do. She told them they need to take a break."

Cool parts: If you're cheering for Rob and Kristen as a couple, this magazine breaks down every detail of their romantic relationship. might not all be true.

Lame parts: The story is only 2 pages of the magazine and doesn't include an interview with either of the stars. These are basically rumors.

JSYK rating: 0 out of 5 vials of blood.

Even if you wanted to get a copy, there's a new issue now about how Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift say they are in love (hmmm, we must have missed that tweet from Taylor Swift). And the Kristen and Rob break up story was probably wrong anyway...we just posted a pic of them holding hands in London on November 10th.

Jenna von Elling, AOL

Main character: Kristen (but there are Q&As with Rob and Taylor too)

Sneak peek: You know how when you watch Twilight (for the first or the 18millionth time), you feel an instant connection to Bella? Her decision to be with Edward seems crazy - he could take her life in just one moment of weakness! - but you root for it to happen with all your heart anyway. You feel Bella's passion and her defiance as if you're going through every agonizing emotion with her. And just like Bella, Kristen Stewart has a quiet confidence that makes her supremely cool.

Cool parts: There are fun Q&As with Kristen, Rob and Taylor. Along with a pull out wall poster of Tay. Plus an awesome page about the new characters in New Moon on page 90.

Lame parts: We were expecting a photoshoot with Kristen Stewart in some cool clothes. Guess she wasn't available.

JSYK rating: 4 out of 5 vials of blood.

We learned a lot of cool things about each cast member that we didn't know already. And the rest of the magazine is totally great (if you're a girl). There's tons on makeup, relationships and clothes.

Jenna von Elling, AOL

Main character: Rob, Kristen & Taylor (with a few pics of other cast members)

Sneak peek: Love bites! Just before the crdits rolled in 2008's Twilight, dreamy vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) was escorting his mortal girlfriend, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), to the school prom. But at the outset of the highly anticipated November 20 sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, "he leaves her!" Stewart tells Us. (The reason: He worries it's too dangerous for a human to be near him." "It's such a tragic story," says Stewart.

Cool parts: The whole thing is about New Moon. They found yearbook photos of Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed and Stephenie Meyer! Plus, if you want to decorate your room, this comes with the most posters and wall art.

Lame parts: It's mostly photos, so if you're looking for interviews with the stars...they're not here. Plus a lot of the photos are stills from the movie. If you're following the Twilight blogs (or browsing the JSYK photo galleries), you've already seen most of these pics.

JSYK rating: 2 out of 5 vials of blood.

We really liked all the pics of the stars out in their everyday clothes. But for $9.99, we'd rather just look at the photos online for free.

Jenna von Elling, AOL

I know, I know. Buying every magazine with a New Moon star on the cover and spending an entire afternoon flipping through them while munching on leftover Halloween candy is not the toughest job in the world. Here's a shot of me engrossed in the Robert Pattinson Vanity Fair issue...and wondering if there are any more Reese's.

But in all seriousness, there is a lot of money on the line here. Committed Twilight fans could spend over $30 bucks on all the magazines on sale right now at the grocery store. For that much money, you could go see New Moon two times in the theater...AND download the soundtrack.

We had to put each magazine through a rigorous round of testing (okay, not that rigorous) to determine which mags were worth the money, which ones we should skip and which ones we should just go look at in the grocery store, but leave there.

Jenna von Elling, AOL

Mmmmmm....white cheddar popcorn. Crap, I spilled Izze blackberry soda on Rob's face...

Jenna von Elling, AOL

Kudos to Allure for not airbrushing Kristen's freckles out of the photo...or covering them with makeup.

It was nice to see so many photos of Kristen looking back to her stunning Bella self, after she's been sporting that crazy dark choppy hairstyle for her movie, The Runaways, for the past few months.

We're kind of surprised Teen Vogue didn't put her on the cover this month actually. And Seventeen didn't do a photoshoot with her, the photo on the cover was from her appearance at the MTV Movie Awards!

Guess Kristen wanted to go extra glam this year and appear in the high-fashion magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Allure. What, no Vogue cover?

Jenna von Elling, AOL

Wouldn't it be weird to see a photo of Robert Pattinson with his hair slicked back?

After looking at a lot (really, A LOT) of photos of this guy, his hair is the same in all of them. It's always kinda messy, kinda perfect, with long pieces sticking up all over the place.

He should TOTALLY shave his hair for the premiere of New Moon. Wouldn't that be cool?

Jenna von Elling, AOL


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