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Yes, Sophie, Izzy and Jena of Care Bears on Fire travel around the country and play concerts on weekends with Push Play and The Naked Brothers Band.

But most weekdays, these teen rockers can be found in one place, and in one place only: the classroom - hittin' the books at school in Brooklyn, NY.

True fans of CBOF love the girls for their unique sense of style.We recently caught up with Sophie, Izzy and Jena and asked them what their fave school threads were...and why.

Izzy: "I usually just wear a similar outfit to what I would wear to a show but a bit more toned down, like a giant faux fur coat with sneakers and a canvas bag. I would hate to go to a uniform school because I love to wear crazy clothes to school, but tee shirts, jeans, and boots are definitely staples in my school wardrobe."

Jena: "Fashion can be tricky at school because walking up and down stairs and sitting in class all day calls for comfortable clothing. I like to feel good with what I'm wearing and be able to concentrate and not worry too much about the image that I present. I usually wear jeans or a mini skirt with a band tee shirt and a lacy or funky shirt over it. I love Beatle boots, lace-up boots, and Converse sneakers."

Sophie: "School fashion should be comfortable and casual, without sacrificing personal style. I like to wear a cool top and play it down with casual jeans, or wear an awesome skirt with comfy sweater. I like to wear what I do because it allows me to dress however I want, while still being comfortable and school-appropriate."


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