New Statistic Shows Teens Like to Get Pampered Too

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Who says massages are just for adults? According to the International Spa Association, 4 million teens have been to a spa, a number that has encouraged resorts to offer teen-targeted programs.

"Teens we see are experienced spa-goers," said Pat Liberto, manager at the Cloister Spa at Sea Island, Georgia. "The younger children who have older spa-goer siblings want to try something too."

CNN reports that over 50 percent of hotel resort spas with memberships in ISA have teen programs, many of which offer young spa-goers video games and DVD selections to watch while they wait for acne facials, sports massages or skincare lessons.

"The teen facial made a difference." said Laura Patterson, a mom who has been taking her daughter, Sara, to the Homestead's Kid Spa in Hot Springs, Virginia for years. "It also helps teach a young girl about taking care of her skin and about taking pride in her appearance."