Do You Think School Lunch Is Healthy Enough?

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"Sasha, I'll trade you my bowl of pumpkin and sage soup for your free range egg salad?"

How many times have you heard that in the cafeteria?

We're kidding. Sort of. Unless you go to Sidwell Friends School (Sasha Obama and Malia Obama are students there) where regular lunch menu items include pumpkin and sage soup, free range egg salad, roasted chicken tenderloins and fresh organic strawberries.

For a lunch menu like theirs, you'll need to cough up big bucks for school tuition. Meanwhile, non-Presidents' kids have to speak up to get healthier, less fatty school lunch options.

In California schools, frying foods is now out. Chicken nuggets and French fries are all baked. And New Jersey schools sell only small-sized sports drinks instead of soda. And many school cafeterias only offer whole-wheat chocolate-chip cookies.

But is it enough? There's a new campaign challenging Congress to get even healthier school lunch options. They even got Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire involved. "School is tough enough already-students shouldn't have to put up with lunches swimming in fat and cholesterol," Tobey told Congress.

But for now, the easiest way to get a healthy lunch probably means packing your own. Click here to read the top five reasons why you should pack lunch.


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