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Girls everywhere have good reason to envy Bella Swan. Who wouldn't want two gorgeous guys (okay, one gorgeous vampire and one gorgeous werewolf) fighting over her?

While that scenario isn't likely to happen to anyone but Bella, there's still a way you can share in her dream world. Just add a touch of Twilight to your bedroom.

Target is selling a "Modern Home Flocked Leaf Comforter Set" for $79.99 - $89.99. It's the same bedding that Charlie buys for Bella in Twilight, except in a different color. Bella's was purple, but we found the same thing in black/charcoal so you can put your own personal spin on Bella's style.

The bedding sets are selling out fast, but this is your chance to own a cool (and cute) piece of the Twilight set. Here's hoping it brings sweet dreams about Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.
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