Video Premiere: Evan Taubenfeld, 'Merry Swiftmas (Even Though I Celebrate Chanukah)'

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Taylor Swift got a very special Christmas wish this year from singer-songwriter Evan Taubenfeld ... and she loved it!

The 26-year-old musician (and former member of Avril Lavigne's band), recently penned a holiday song called 'Merry Swiftmas (Even Though I Celebrate Chanukah),' which he sent to the Grammy-nominated singer via Twitter. A few hours later, Taylor retweeted the link with the message, "THIS made me smile. :) :) :)."

Why did Evan decide pick the 20-year-old country star as the subject of his holiday-themed ditty? For two reasons, he says. "One: Taylor seems to be a genuinely sweet, honest, talented and hard-working gal," Evan tells JSYK. "You know, the kind you'd be proud to bring home to mom. We can't say that about every other singer out there right now. More importantly, though, it just rhymes with gift. I doubt 'don't want to have a virus, please get me Miley Cyrus' would have worked as well."

Watch the video premiere for 'Merry Swiftmas (Even Though I Celebrate Chanukah),' below, and read more from our interview with Evan after the jump. 'Merry Swiftmas' is available now on iTunes.

JSYK: What, besides Taylor, inspired your holiday song?

Evan: I had been shopping at malls, driving around, and seeing Christmas tree shops, and other general holiday festivities pushed writing a holiday song onto my mind. At the mall and on the radio, I'd been hearing tons of Taylor Swift, so when I sat down to start penning lyrics, a natural fit was "Santa for my gift, please get me Taylor Swift." The rest was cake.

JSYK: Did you think she would write you back after you tweeted her the song?

Evan: I had a naive hope that somehow by the end of the year it could have gotten across her plate or to one of her peeps, but getting a retweet a few hours later was kinda insane. I mean, from acoustic to Pro Tools, to Taylor retweeting in 8 hours ain't bad.

JSYK: Any plans to collaborate with Taylor in the future?

Evan: I doubt she needs any help from me. She's kinda doing okay on her own at the moment. That being said, the invitation is open on my end...

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