Miley Cyrus Shows Off A Brand New Tattoo

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Miley Cyrus already had a lot of firsts in her life...her first love, her first car, even her first million. But now she has another milestone to add to the list - her first tattoo.

While in Miami recently, the 17-year-old Disney superstar wore an itty bitty pink bikini by the pool and when she lifted her arm, photographers caught a glimpse of a black tattoo in script handwriting running along her ribcage that says "Just Breathe."

The New York Daily News
reports that Miley may have permanently inked herself to honor a young friend she met while visiting a Los Angeles hospital. Vanessa was just 9-years-old and passed away from cystic fibrosis in 2007.

Miley's known for not having a squeaky clean image like other Disney stars. She wears a nose ring and this isn't the first time we heard talk about Miley getting tatted. Before her breakup with Justin Gaston earlier this year, Miley was supposedly designing a tattoo that would include his initials. Good idea on skipping that one, Miley.

So tell us what you think: Was Miley's "Just Breathe" tattoo a great idea, or were Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus crazy to give their consent so Miley could get a tattoo?


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